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As coach of Finland’s worst cheerleading team,┬áMiia is searching for something that can inspire her team to victory. After heading to Texas to study some of the best North American cheer teams, Miia returns with a new plan of action, but it’s not the work ethic of the team that is holding them back. With their personal lives in a state of flux, many of the team members have more important things to worry about than their position in the cheerleading finals, and even Miia isn’t immune from the stresses of her personal life.

If you’re looking for an underdog achieves greatness kind of story, Cheer Up won’t satisfy those wants. If anything, this documentary shows the importance of team activities not for the success that can be found, but the friendship and support of teammates that can be very beneficial at times in our lives.

The differences in work ethic are dramatic when Miia heads to Texas. There, drills are shouted out and practised until there’s no energy left. When Miia returns to Finland, the practices are more fun and loose. She doesn’t appreciate that, but it’s obviously a benefit to the cheerleaders. As we start to explore the teens lives, we can see how important it is to be a part of the team, not for the chance at winning, but for the chance to escape into a world of pure happiness for a few moments.