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Filmmaker Dean Fleischer-Camp didn’t film or star in his documentary, Fraud. Or at least I hope he didn’t. After combing over a hundred hours of YouTube videos from a mysterious source, the director cobbled together a frighteningly funny and infuriating found footage film that shines a light on the cost and delusion of the American dream.

The family in the videos had one heck of a summer in 2012. Initially, the family finds itself in an unsurprising cycle of spending more money than they can afford. They go broke, get credit cards, spend money they don’t have, start getting calls from collection agencies, and so on. But in Buzzfeed parlance, what happens next will definitely surprise you: an act so shocking and legitimately insane that you won’t believe someone would be stupid enough to film it. And yet, they did, and here we are with the proof.

Fleischer-Camp proves to be a skilled editor and storyteller, especially when one considers he’s completely beholden to the anonymous dude who filmed it all. Knowing when to cut around the mundane nature of some of the videos in rapid fire format and when to linger on something uncomfortably, Fleischer-Camp has framed seemingly useless, but openly incendiary footage into a parable on wanting everything we can’t have.