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Cahng (Daniel Park) awakens in the forest with a bleeding gash on his forehead and no memory of how he wound up there. He begins searching for his wife and son, only to find a disturbing scene. Positive that some force is hunting him and his family, Cahng desperately tries to find his son, but what he’ll ultimately find is more terrifying than he could have imagined.

Footprints is a dark, tense, and emotional short film from director Kevin Saychareun. The beautifully shot film may be a bit lacking in surprises, as the opening scene perhaps gives away too much of what is to come, but it still manages to create plenty of atmosphere and emotion.

It’s the performance from Park that carries the film so well. Searching for his family, and the eventual revelation of what has happened, gives him the chance to show off a number of different aspects to the personality of Cahng, and all within a 13 minute running time.

Throw in some solid, albeit expected jump scares, and you have an almost classic horror film that manages to be told in a lovely way. A great performance from Park and the way Saychareun finds beauty in his horror makes Footprints a wonderful experience.