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A famous poet (Ren Ôsugi) nears the end of his life and finds that he’s having a sudden burst of imagination. A new lover (Fumi Nikaidô), who is actually a goldfish in human form, finds her relationship challenged by the ghost of the poet’s former lover, all while the poet tries to asses what his life has amounted to.

To say that Bitter Honey is odd would be an understatement. A goldfish in human form, old lovers returning as ghosts, and dealing with life and death are just some of the strange occurrences you’ll find in this film. You’ll also find a funny and touching movie once things get rolling.

It takes a little bit before you get absorbed in the film, but once you do, it’s hard not to enjoy every moment of Bitter Honey. The end result will hold different meanings for different viewers. It really just depends on how you view the events of the film. Is it the last great writings of a famous poet? Perhaps it’s an ode to love in all its forms? Or it could simply be one man’s attempt to reconcile the moments in his life before the end? This freedom to interpret makes Bitter Honey enjoyable long after the film has finished.