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Karenjit Kaur Vohr, a.k.a. Sunny Leone, is a famous Bollywood actress with an enormous fan following. One of the reasons for her immense success as an entertainer is her being a former porn star. As a prominent Bollywood actress, Karenjit has built an unconventional yet notable career. As a former adult film star, her transition into the Bollywood film industry came unblemished. she certainly does have a reputation the brand of Sunny Leone but she proves she has been about to evolve and push her career in a way that would gain her more exposure in the world’s largest film industry.

The first part of Mostly Sunny focuses on her fame and her adoring (male) fan base. The remainder of the documentary follows Karenjit’s personal life, including the untimely passing of her parents, her husband and her hectic yet enjoyable career. Karenjit says she is happy and does does not regret the choices she has made in her life or career.

One of the most admirable areas of the doc is the opinions of her colleagues, managers, filmmakers and even fans who say no one should judge her based on what she wants to do. This is a healthy outlook that is not shared with extended family from her hometown of Sarnia, Ontario where they detest this aspect of her life.

The film does have its weak spots though. It depends too much on the glorification of the adult film industry, along with the importance of Karenjit’s physical appearance as her way to get Bollywood movie parts.