Looking for the perfect Netflix movie that manages to combine glamour, danger and plenty of drama? Then check out some of these top casino movies on the streaming service that prove that the mini-genre is as endlessly fascinating and exciting as a good game of online slots!


Leave it up to Martin Scorsese to deliver a movie that truly defines the casino movie genre. The 1995 film Casino sizzles with brooding gangland violence and gaudy Las Vegas glamour as Robert De Niro’s character attempts to take over the gaming tables of Sin City.

But it’s Sharon Stone’s award-winning turn as former prostitute Ginger McKenna that really lights up the screen. And although the movie may not be quite as celebrated as Scorsese’s other mob-related classics that include Goodfellas, it certainly was better received than the much-maligned TV drama Vinyl!

Casino Royale

Seeing as many classic card games like baccarat have even been made into a game at Lucky Nugget Casino’s online gaming site, it’s no surprise to find that James Bond would eventually make his appearance at the gaming tables.

And 2006’s Casino Royale was one of the British spy’s more memorable recent outings as he got engaged in a high-stakes poker game with the brilliantly villainous Le Chiffre. It was also Daniel Craig’s first outing as Bond, and with rumours that he may return to the role, we can look forward to more high-octane spy adventures very soon.


This 2008 drama presents a slightly more cerebral take on classic casino games as a team of brainy students attempt to use mathematical formulas to take on the gaming tables of Las Vegas.

Under the guidance of college professor Micky Rosa – excellently played by Kevin Spacey – the team attempt to try their luck at blackjack. But things inevitably take a turn for the worse, and it all results in a telling tale about how you should never push your luck at the casino.

The Gambler

But it’s Mark Wahlberg’s 2014 remake of The Gambler that’s probably the most sobering account of gambling gone too far. Again it’s a college professor who’s repeatedly drawn to the gaming tables in a bid to win back some massive debts.

And whilst the rest of us can enjoy a simple game of online slots, it seems that Wahlberg’s character is unable to control his gaming, and things once more inevitably spiral out of control!