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10 Billion: What’s on Your Plate is an eye opening documentary that addresses how the current methods of agricultural production are just not enough. It is not enough to sustain the global population, which by 2050 will rise to 10 billion. What are the alternatives? Artificially produced meat? Eating insects as a source of protein? What if there is not enough food to go around to feed everyone on a daily basis. This does not just mean that everyone gets to eat but that everyone eats a well adjusted and sustainable diet.

Director and self-proclaimed “food fighter” Valentin Thurn searches for solutions around the world for the impeding food crisis. Though the film does push to be environmentally conscious of the food we eat, it seems to rely too heavily on scientific innovation and packing us full of GMOs. Regardless, the film does a good job in exposing environmental destruction in the over consumption of meat, over-fishing to exhaustion and small, local farmers often resorting to relying on industry produced seeds to grow their crops.

As an alternative, the proposal is made for new food production systems. Thurn’s doc suggests to shift our focus to seeking organic and more local foods. This decentralized method of production keeps food regional. Large scale industrial producers are closely examined with how they genetically modify our food. Yet, without the knowledge of the long terms effects of genetically produced foods, it is difficult to say this is even a solution either.