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It’s 1965 in Los Angeles. After purchasing a Ouija board as a prop for her séance scam business, a widowed mother (Elizabeth Reaser) accidentally invites evil spirits into her home. Her youngest daughter becomes possessed by a particularly malevolent spirit and the family is forced to save her, with the help of a priest – E.T.’s own Henry Thomas. And now you know the whole plot of Ouija: Origin of Evil; hopefully we saved you a visit to the cinema.

As far as evil spirit movies go, this one fits the formula perfectly. Nice family plus Ouija board equals youngest child doing and saying creepy things for no reason. Add in a well-meaning priest with sexual undertones and you have the bones of this movie. Unfortunately this formula doesn’t work very well this time. The movie is devoid of scares, devoid of any redeemable plot or character points that would make it compelling to watch, and it’s a little boring. It’s almost 2 hours of nothing really happening, and you’re waiting for something to happen — but nothing happens.

It tries, though – we have to give it credit for that. It tries to be scary and creepy, and satisfy our craving for horror. It’s occasionally self-aware. Lulu Wilson, who plays the possessed little girl, actually does a really great job here; she is convincingly disturbed and says and does a few things that may make you chuckle. Unfortunately, the material she’s working with is pretty threadbare and it’s not enough to make this movie good.