If there’s one terrain in Canada that can give most of us nightmares, it’s the heavily wooded areas across the country. There’s a kind of fear that comes with the idea of the woods. Dive far enough into the wilderness and you can quickly get lost. Once night falls, the light from a fire may barely be able to break through the darkness that envelops you.

Capitalizing on the tough terrain, Toronto born writer and director Sasha Vukovic put together the screenplay for Flora. After winning the Best Feature Screenplay at the 2015 Amsterdam Film Festival, Vukovic travelled to Northern Quebec to begin production on his film. With the help of the supportive Canadian film industry and a dedicated team of actors, the privately funded Flora is ready to begin its festival run over the course of 2017. Here’s the official synopsis.

Flora is an historical thriller set in 1929. The film follows a small expedition of University botanists through an uncharted forest system on the North American frontier. The students discover an old piece of flora which survives alone without insects, mammals or bird life. Soon, trapped in the empty toxic forest, the expedition members must fight to survive, escape and understand the wild and terrifying flora that surrounds them.”

Toronto Film Scene is proud to present the exclusive online trailer launch for Flora, and we’re looking forward to taking a dark trip into the woods in the near future.

Flora Trailer