If you haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying the novel “Boring Girls“, from author and The Birthday Massacre lead vocalist Sara Taylor, you’re missing out on one of the best stories around. The novel follows Rachel, a shy high school girl who discovers death metal and finds friendship with a girl named Fern. Together, they form a band and manage to meet their idols in the musical world. This meeting goes drastically wrong, leaving Rachel and Fern scarred and ready for vengeance. It’s a twisted story that will either immediately connect with you, or perhaps leave you out in the cold.

If you ever felt like an outsider, because who didn’t as a teenager, there’s a lot to be familiar with in the novel. Of course, it’s going to take a drastic turn away from anything people have really experienced, but there are also some very intense moments that some will be painfully familiar with. It can be an uncomfortable read, but it’s one of the best novels it has been my pleasure to read in many years.

Enter Coral Aiken and Hannah Cheesman. Aiken is the president of Aiken Heart Films in Toronto, and has produced films like Big Muddy and The People Garden. Cheesman, creator of the digital series Whatever Linda, has a number of acting credits to her name, along with writing, directing, and producing. Together, Aiken and Cheesman are bringing “Boring Girls” to life. A 2 minute proof of concept video was recently launched as creators Aiken and Cheesman begin a proposal for a digital series, bringing Sara Taylor aboard as executive producer.

If you’re a fan of the novel, this is an exciting prospect. That brief teaser, featuring Toronto band HEX, manages to capture a lot of the emotion, energy, and hardcore nature of the book so perfectly that having to wait for a series to finally arrive might be hard to do. After hearing about the teaser through Twitter, and being a huge fan of the novel, I was determined to speak with everybody involved. Within a day, I was able to speak with Aiken, Cheesman, and Taylor over the phone, where we chatted about reaction to the novel and their plans for the series.

Although still very early on in the process, the idea that talent like Aiken, Cheesman and Taylor are working hard to bring “Boring Girls” to life should give fans hope. After speaking with them, there’s very little doubt in my mind that the project will ultimately come together. They’re very passionate about the project, and the attention has been ramping up rather quickly. Of course, if you’ve read the novel, you’ll understand why.

You can also rest assured that the following interview is spoiler free, so there’s no need to worry about whether you’ve read the novel yet or not. Although really, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Have a listen to my conversation with Aiken, Cheesman and Taylor, and then be sure to go out and grab “Boring Girls” if you haven’t had a chance to read it yet.