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The Heretics tells the story of Gloria (Nina Kiri), who is abducted by a man claiming a cult is after her. While in his custody, she becomes frighteningly sick. As her girlfriend frantically searches for her, and her abductor tries to keep her safe, it becomes clear to the audience that Gloria’s sickness is the sign of a much bigger conspiracy.

This is a tough one to get through. Using the term “boring” when referencing any movie is not entirely fair because it’s an extremely subjective term. However, since this is a horror movie the term can be applied differently because we expect horror films to shock, to scare, to make you feel something. Unfortunately this movie does not do that, and the overall effect is disappointingly boring.

Credit must be given to the filmmakers for attempting to create a unique film: it tries to be scary and there are indeed a few gross scenes that have an effect. The issue with the movie is hard to pin down — though the silly plot, uninteresting characters, and the occasional overacting from some of these characters, may be part of it.