Now that the initial shock has worn off, we’re slowly getting used to the idea that Donald Trump is President of the United States. We may not like it, even though we think we’re tucked away safely here in Canada, but for many of us, thoughts of what will happen are probably still swirling around. This will certainly be reflected in the art that is produced now, and it’s already becoming a phrase uttered in relation to films being released. They reference the current political climate, as well as the issues in society that have become impossible to ignore, and talk about how relevant the latest movie or series has become.

While that may be true, many of these productions were underway before Trump was actually elected, so it’s not necessarily an idea that helped build the foundation of these films. The same couldn’t be said about The Mavericks. This series, created by Michael Mazzuca and Sandro Cataldo and now seeking funding, may have been an idea before Trump, but it was his win in the election that solidified the idea behind The Mavericks, and gave Mazzuca and Cataldo the inspiration to set off in the direction they did.

“It kind of came out of my fear of the political climate in the States and Sandro’s irrational fear of technology.” Mazzuca chuckles as he begins to speak about what drove the idea for The Mavericks. The election happened to be on the same evening that Mazzuca and Cataldo would regularly get together with friends to watch a few movies, which led to some channel changing between their film and the election. “We’re in the middle of watching [Thief] and we kept flipping back because we’re like ‘Oh it’s not gonna happen. Donald Trump is not gonna get in.’ and there’s this moment that we flipped back and realized there’s no way Hillary is gonna bounce back and there was this undeniable fear, I had this terrible feeling in my stomach and it was almost surreal and it kind of reached a boiling point where it was just like well we gotta say something. We gotta stand up in a roundabout way, not that a couple of Canadian boys are necessarily gonna make a difference, but why not. That’s the whole point of art. If you’re not trying to say something then what are you doing.”

So begins the building of The Mavericks. The series follows Becky Ricketts, a high school teacher in a future totalitarian society, who has a dark power but has become complacent in her world. When a former student’s father, who happens to be a former agent of the underground rebel army the Mavericks, is captured by the secret police, Becky steps up to help the boy find his way safely to the Mavericks before he can be captured as well.

Mazzuca and Cataldo are huge comic book fans, which shows itself in the way that their character Becky uses her powers. It’s reminiscent of Spawn, a character who had a time limit to his powers and the more he used them, the less time he would have. For Becky the more she uses her ability, the more it affects her mentally and physically. “We wanted to ground her in a sense that she can’t use her powers completely and fully because there’s a downside to it.” explains Mazzuca. “Every time she uses her powers, it affects her mentality and it puts her in this really dark mind frame. She’s a little bit more bitter and almost a little evil. She can’t actually harness the powers for too long. It also drains on her body and mind. We wanted her to have powers, but with clear limits.” “Also the way it affects her relationships.” Cataldo adds. “Using her powers a lot will affect her relationships in a negative way, so some times it’s not always best to go that route.”

The glimpse of Becky’s powers in the trailer shows the kind of dark abilities she possesses, and reading through the 10 episode breakdown of the season gives me a good idea of where Mazzuca and Cataldo are going with this character, but it also leaves a few threads open. It’s an ambitious project, but one that looks great in just that short trailer, and also sounds like something that can build into a great ongoing series. Plans for The Mavericks don’t stop at the 10 episode season, and Mazzuca and Cataldo have every intention of continuing the story beyond that. As with many projects of this nature, it needs the support of fans. The first step in doing that is watching their trailer and sharing it through social media. You can find The Mavericks on Facebook and Twitter, and be sure to watch and share their trailer below.

The Mavericks Trailer