The Devout is a movie supposedly inspired by true events. It deals with a family who have a very young daughter, Abigail (Olivia Martin) with terminal cancer. Eventually her father Darryl (Charlie Carrick) starts to suspect his daughter was an astronaut in a past life somehow as she starts talking about her involvement with the Apollo 1 space mission. In the short time that she has left, her father attempts to figure out what is going on despite major pushback from her mother Jan (Ali Liebert).

What The Devout actually is about, is faith. It takes a look at how typically devout Christians approach the issue of death, and the parents in this film suffer a crisis of faith. The movie starts with what seems to be some real life footage of researchers asking children about their past lives. The movie doesn’t really address this again at the end or at any other point, but we’re led to suspect that this is a typical occurrence.
It’s a lukewarm movie; it doesn’t really go all in, so to speak. With a title like The Devout, you can assume there would be some more hysterical Christian happenings, but that isn’t the case. There’s not really much going on here other than a very cute, sad little girl slowly dying. That’s never enjoyable to watch.
While it had potential, because frankly the subject matter is fascinating, unfortunately the movie doesn’t go anywhere. The mother and father seem to be sleep walking through it. Maybe that was the intention because they are dealing with a very sick daughter after all, but it just doesn’t engage. There wasn’t any tension, there was no sense of storytelling, and everyone seemed kind of wooden.