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The Patriarch’s Room is a documentary that tells the story of the controversial dethroning of the last Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem. Viewers will learn of the unstable nature this inflicted upon the Isreali Secret Service, Jewish settlers, and Palestinian Christians.

In 2005, Irineos, the elderly Patriarch of the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem, was overthrown due to accusations of selling church properties to Jewish settlers. Consequently, he was removed from his position and confined to his room in the Holy City for 11 years. The Patriarch denies the accusations made against him. This was the first time in the Church’s 2000-year history a Patriarch, its leader, was removed from his duties.

Montreal filmmaker, Danae Elon develops a heartfelt relationship with the Patriarch and delves deeply into his troubled story. As a filmmaker, Elon gracefully and intelligently delivers this difficult story to viewers through humour and a sensitivity to Irineos’ circumstances. This proves most admirable in the complex relationship the Church carries with the religious community.

The documentary offers the Patriarch a chance to tell his story the way it happened. No one else until now has listened to him. With the courageous nature of both Elon and Irineos, viewers will experience an opportunity to take a glimpse into the unknown world within Jerusalem’s Holy City.