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When Sei (Gigi Leung) finds out about her old friend Ling’s (Jennifer Yu) death, she returns to Macau for the first time in fifteen years. There, she relives her youth (played by Fish Liew)¬†with Ling in flashbacks, remembering their friendship, the home they built together and the son they raised.

Tracy Choi’s Sisterhood is a beautiful portrait of female friendship. It is also not quite like anything else. While there have been many films made about similar subject matter, Sisterhood provides an ambiguity that adds a new depth. The relationship between Sei and Ling can be read multiple ways, as can the interpretation of their¬†sexuality. The film can be taken as an exploration of the depths of friendship, the shape of homosexual love in a homophobic environment or simply the fluidity of romantic love that exists independently or in conjunction with sexual attraction.

The film’s flashback structure provides much of the emotional power of the film, but it is grounded in the performances of it’s two young leads, Jennifer Yu and Fish Liew. Without them, much of the subtlety of the film would be lost, and that’s the element that elevates Sisterhood to a true work of art.