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Describing himself as “queer cripple”, Andrew Gurza is facing the difficulties of discussing sex and disability head on. A topic that is rarely discussed in any way that has real power or meaning, Andrew has been bringing the reality of sex with disabilities to the forefront. He’s created a podcast called Deliciously Disabled, andĀ also helped to create Justify My Love, a sex-positive play party that garnered attention worldwide. As Andrew prepares for the second Justify My Love, viewers are taken through the numerous challenges faced by Andrew and others as they attempt to deal with their sexuality in a way that goes beyond just satisfying their needs.

Picture This isn’t the first short film dealing with sex and disability that I’ve watched, but it’s certainly the most honest and in depth look ever. This is precisely the point that Andrew Gurza is trying to make. Where other people would treat this discussion with “kid gloves” as Gurza says, he gets right down to the reality of the situation. He talks about the way that people with disabilities are either ignored, or made out to be some sort of freak, especially in regards to sex. Gurza also discusses the challenge of something as simple as pleasuring himself when he needs the assistance of another person to even get ready for the act. Nothing is held back here, and that’s what makes Picture This such a rewarding film.

By opening up and focusing on most intimate details of his sex life, Gurza helps to create a short film that really captures the challenges and benefits of sex and disability without holding anything back. It’s nice to see something that is so honest for once, and Picture This will help to begin a discussion that people without disabilities have been able to have for years.