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A French stand-up comedian (Tahar Rahim) finds himself torn between the differing viewpoints of his new girlfriend (Maïwenn) and his brother/manager (Roschdy Zem) In filmmaker Teddy Lussi-Modeste’s loosely autobiographical family drama The Price of Success.

Narratives about successful showbiz types navigating the sticky waters of fame certainly aren’t anything new, but what sets director and co-writer Modeste’s work apart is a wealth of characters that haven’t been seen in this type of narrative before. Eschewing clichés while always being cognizant of them, The Price of Success is a stylish, but restrained and realistic look at newfound celebrity that feels natural rather than forced.

There could stand to be a tad more catharsis by the time this all wraps up, but Modeste’s film is anchored in ways that few films about stardom come close to approximating. Great performances from all three leads are a definite bonus, and the racial aspect of the story adds layers previously unexposed.


Is The Price of Success essential viewing?

Yes. It’s one of the festival’s true hidden gems.