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Films are awesome, and so are the people who make them. Every year TFS talks to a ton of filmmakers, actors and producers. Sometimes we’re introducing you to talented people we think you should know about, sometimes their reputation precedes them. Here are a few of our favourite interviews with famous people from 2013.

Edgar Wright and Nick Frost


We spoke to Edgar Wright and Nick Frost in advance of the release of their latest film The World’s End, about washed up drug addict, Gary, who peaked in high school. Gary convinces four of his friends to come attempt to re-create a pub crawl in their home town, when they discover it has been invaded by aliens. In a fun interview, Wright and Frost reveal how male relationships are at the centre of their films—something you don’t see done well very often. They also discuss what comes next for each of them now that the Cornetto Trilogy is over. Click here to see the whole interview.


Nat Faxon and Jim Rash


Nat Faxon and Jim Rash wrote and directed what could arguably be the best loved indie film of the summer, The Way Way Back. In this interview they discuss their “intoxication” with young lead Liam James, not talking down to teenagers, and how adults are often more childish than children. Click here to see the whole interview.


Ryan Gullen of The Sheepdogs


On the outside, The Sheepdogs winning the Rolling Stone cover story contest seemed like a rags to riches story. On the inside it was nothing but hard work. When The Sheepdogs Have At It, the documentary about the year following their Rolling Stone win was released, we went right to the source and spoke to Ryan Gullen, the band’s bassist about the rise to fame and what a strange ride it’s been. Click here to see the whole interview.


Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig


Frances Ha was met with a hugely positive response from critics at TIFF 2012, and when it was released this year it was met with an even bigger response from audiences everywhere. The story of two friends, who also happen to be women, was celebrated by women everywhere for its unvarnished reality. TFS spoke to writer/director Noah Baumbach and writer/star Greta Gerwig about the process of bringing such a real experience to the unreal world of film. Click here to see the whole interview with Noah Baumbach, and here for Greta Gerwig.

TFS continues its Best of TFS 2013 series throughout December.