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The Free Screen offers audiences something a little different, and this summer is no exception. TIFF Cinematheque presents the monthly free showcase of experimental film and video art, The Free Screen , and its summer season begins Wednesday, June 20, 2012. The first programme in the series will be Liquid Metal , featuring seven short films that blend digital technology, ambient music, and footage from a variety of sources, including old 35mm trailers. Highlights of the program include Collage d’Hollywood , a barrage of images taken from movie trailers to form a new film, and a live video performance of Firing Squad with director Tasman Richardson in attendance.

Collage d’Hollywood – Canada – 8.5 minutes

Fans of film are more than familiar with the movie trailer, but you’ve never seen one quite like this before. Assembled from pieces of movie trailers found in a box at a Saskatchewan drive-in, this short film is a montage of images and text that will stir the memories of viewers. Consider this the ultimate movie trailer as familiar moments from some classic films are overlapped with memorable taglines and an entrancing score. While the result is mesmerizing, a great deal of the excitement comes from trying to figure out the various films that are used to create Collage d’Hollywood .

Firing Squad – Canada – 18 minutes

Easily the best short of the programme, director Tasman Richardson takes the sound and image of analogue television sets being shut off and edits them together to form this short. The visuals that are created are incredible. Different screens are placed together to form swirling patterns and shapes, while the final seconds we catch on the screens will remind many viewers of those old TV sets that needed to ‘warm up’ before allowing an image to flash before us. While the images created are fantastic, it’s the sound that steals every moment. Using the various clicks, noises, and static, an amazing soundtrack is built. Reminiscent of industrial bands like Nine Inch Nails, Firing Squad is just as much a song as it is a film.

Fans of experimental film are sure to enjoy the Liquid Metal programme. Firing Squad alone is enough to make it a worthwhile trip, and the fact that everything is free is a great bonus. The Free ScreenLiquid Metal screens Wednesday, June 20, 2012 at 7:00 pm. Information can be found at the TIFF website. Viewers should be advised that there will be strobe effects in use during the screening.