Author: Andrew Parker

Review: Irrational Man

Washed out, alcoholic philosophy and “ethical strategies” professor Abe Lucas (Joaquin Phoenix) has taken a job at a sleepy Connecticut university, presumably because he finds “no clear reason for living.” His work seems to be held in some sort of esteem, and he’s pursued romantically by an age appropriate Chemist (Parker Posey) and an eager student (Emma Stone), neither of whom he can bring himself to be intimate with. One day, he overhears a private conversation; a woman he has no connection to states that she’s getting screwed over by a potentially corrupt judge in a custody battle, one...

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Wild world: the Crocker family on All the Time in the World

Every summer, a large number of Canadians and their families retreat from bustling metropolises to rural, wooded, or lakefront cabins and islands with hopes of recharging their batteries and getting away from the daily grind and weekly stressors. In this day and age, however, most of these retreats are still relatively plugged in and wired to the outside world, and the amount of time spent at these idyllic retreats is often harshly regulated by never having as much time to spend there as one would hope (or in rare cases, too much time spent around bickering relatives). There’s probably more than...

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Review: Mr. Holmes

Long retired, moved on from his trusty second-in-command-slash-biographer Dr. Watson, and suffering from an aging body and the onset of senility, Sherlock Holmes (Ian McKellen) moves back to his coutryside villa in 1947 with the intention of re-telling one of his real life mysteries in his own words. It was a case that was solved – his final one, in fact – but Holmes, despite his failing memory, insists Watson changed the ending when he fictionalized the account. The 93-year old is cared for by a put upon and none to eager housemaid (Laura Linney), but he finds his...

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Review: All the Time in the World

In an effort to help her family reconnect with a world outside of modern convenience and relationships that often require wi-fi passwords and text messages to keep them together, filmmaker Suzanne Crocker decamped from the big city, along with her husband, three kids, and two pets, to the bush of Canada’s Yukon. As the seasons change from summery, to wintry, to just damp and kind of blah, All the Time in the World documents one family’s attempted return to nature without electricity, running water, and (possibly most importantly) an absence of clocks. What makes this personal diary and travelogue...

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Review: Two 4 One

Just before he’s about to go through with a long awaited (and saved for) hysterectomy, transgender man Adam Bauchman (Gavin Crawford) is phoned up out of the blue by his still smitten ex-girlfriend, Miriam (Naomi Snickus), who is trying desperately to get pregnant. Miriam hasn’t approached her current girlfriend about the pregnancy, but she’s desperate enough to ask Adam for help in the artificial insemination process while her other half is on vacation. Eventually acquiescing to Miriam’s badgering for sex,  Adam helps to try and get the donated sperm into her body. However, through the use of the same...

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Review: Jimmy’s Hall

In 1932 amid the Great Depression and following a civil war, Irishman Jimmy Gralton (Barry Ward) returns home to Country Leitrim after spending a decade in New York City. Eager to live a normal life once again, Jimmy – a suspected Communist and known troublemaker – is approached by local youths that are eager to resurrect the long shuttered community centre as a place to learn and have fun. This raises the ire of local clergyman and noted detractor Father Sheridan (Jim Norton), who sees the centre as an illegal and unholy operation in a country where the holy Catholic church...

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Review: The Gallows

In 1993, a great tragedy occurred at Beatrice High. During a stage production of a knock-off of The Crucible titled The Gallows, a young man named Charlie was killed in a prop mishap. Twenty years later (meaning this film is two years old, but whatever) the school has decided to give the show another try. The night before the first performance, the leads of the show (Pfeifer Brown and Reese Mishler), a douchy frat boy jock who documents the whole thing on his phone (Ryan Shoos), and the jock’s girlfriend (Cassidy Gifford) find themselves terrorized after hours at the...

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