Brandy Dean

Brandy Dean is the owner of the digital marketing consultancy Pretty Clever Things and the editor, writer, and janitorial staff for the film blog Pretty Clever Films. She likes dogs, poutine, silent movies, and hockey, not necessarily in that order.

the we and the i

Review: The We and the I

Michel Gondry, unleashed from the commercial shackles of oh, say The Green Hornet , returns a bit more to form with The We and…

good day 5

Review: A Good Day to Die Hard

Yippee ki-yay motherfuckers! John McClane is back for another round in the fifth installment of the Die Hard franchise, A Good Day to Die…

The stop-motion skeletons from "Jason and the Argonauts"

TFS Essentials: stop-motion animation

Last month, while standing in an interminable holiday rush line at Shopper’s Drug Mart, I was confronted by one of those stand-up cardboard displays…