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Indie Tuesdays: Black Bart

Black Bart (Bernard Robichaud of The Trailer Park Boys) just wants a drink. He has just been released from prison and, some might say, is the very definition of a thug. Now that he has regained his freedom, he just wants to find a bar, get a drink (or maybe a little something more), and avoid those who may be looking for him to repay some old debts. Black Bart is directed by Andrew Young, a Canadian stand-up comic, writer, and filmmaker. Black Bart was co-written and co-produced by Robichaud and Young and features very Trailer Park Boys style...

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Indie Tuesdays: Sister

Brenda Davis’ film Sister follows dedicated maternal health workers in Ethiopia, Cambodia and Haiti. With a lack of access to proper medical facilities or a lack of transport to get women to suitable facilities, the mortality rate among pregnant women is shockingly high. Sister follows three women on their tireless crusade to provide care for these women and their children by any means possible. Sister is quite the eye opening film. Shot with compelling and non-flinching footage, Davis never edits or pulls away from the truth and the enormous difficulties facing pregnant women in particular. The three women featured...

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Indie Tuesdays: Seek

Evan Brisby (Adrian Shepherd-Gawinski) is a writer for a small Toronto gay magazine who dreams of making more of his career. Still in despair over an ended relationship, Evan looks forward to a new job writing an article about Toronto’s gay nightlife for a very large newspaper. Hoping not only for a shot at the big time but a chance to explore the nightlife and maybe find love again, Evan’s journey becomes as much about himself as the scene he is covering. Writer/director Eric Henry has crafted what really seems to be a very personal film. It is a...

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Indie Tuesdays: The Last Halloween

While it may be a strange time of year for a Halloween film, writer/director Marc Roussel’s new short film, The Last Halloween, may be the cure for the horror fans drowning in the mountainous snow banks. A group of trick or treater’s travels door to door through a mysterious neighbourhood, encountering strange inhabitants offering up bizarre treats. What none of them know is what tricks they may have in store in what may well be The Last Halloween. I am a bit of a horror aficionado and I have to say in The Last Halloween’s short 10 minute runtime...

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Indie Tuesdays: Open City: B.L.B.

Director A.V. Rockwell has been garnering much attention with her Open City Mixtape series of short films that document the many facets of living within New York City’s inner city neighbourhoods. Her newest entry in the series is B.L.B., the story of Jahlil, a young boy in the Bronx who, due to his mother working all hours to make ends meet, finds himself with a city to explore on his own. B.L.B. is an extraordinary look at life in the inner city for very young kids — and a look that we don’t often get in film. Often it...

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Indie Tuesdays: Laughing Out Loud

There is nothing like a good dose of dark humor. Better yet if it also pertains to something relevant in our society. This film is for anyone who has ever gone to a movie and been pestered by a patron who won’t put their phone away; for anyone who has had to sit through a person in the doctor’s office waiting room who won’t stop talking forever about absolutely nothing on their cell; or anyone who has encountered those people with hands-free headsets walking down the street seemingly talking to themselves like well-dressed crazy people. Director Daniel Clements has...

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Indie Tuesdays: From Nothing, Something

There have been many documentaries about the filmmaking process, some about the processes of artists, musicians, etc. But with this new and fascinating documentary from director Tim Cawley, From Nothing, Something, we get a unique perspective on the creative process painted on a much broader canvas. Featuring interviews with musicians Tegan & Sara, composer Jay Greenberg, Hollywood creature designer Neville Page, novelist Tom Perrotta, and many more including a comedian, cancer researchers, an architect, a choreographer, and a chef, From Nothing, Something takes all of these different variations of artistic expression and dissects their individual processes and approaches to...

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