Harry Cepka

Harry Cepka is a writer and filmmaker. He likes arty movies, comedy, philosophy and rap music. He would like to meet you.

Kon Tiki

Review: Kon-Tiki

In the age of Google Maps and computer nano calculations, it sounds quaint for a scientist to drift across the ocean on a wooden…

Eufrosina's Revolution

Hot Docs Review: Eufrosina’s Revolution

Eufrosina’s Revolution is set in the impoverished Mexican state of Oaxaca, where many indigenous communities have scarcely been touched by modernity. Supposedly considered autonomous,…

Like Someone In Love

Review: Like Someone in Love

Mr. Watanabe, an elderly widowed sociology professor, orders a prostitute. A while later, a beautiful young lady named Akiko shows up at his apartment….


Review: The Place Beyond the Pines

Ryan Gosling has sacrificed himself to his own heart-throbby blankness. Reprising a doppelganger version of his role in Drive , Gosling opens The Place…

Michel Dumont

Cinefranco Review: L’affaire Dumont

On an evening when Michel Dumont swears he was playing cards, Danielle Lechasseur claims she was violently sexually assaulted. Out of nowhere, Dumont, a…