Author: Jordan Adler

Inside Out 2017 Review: Heartstone

Thor (Baldur Einarsson) and Christian (Blær Hinriksson) are inseparable best friends growing up by the sea in rural Iceland. During the last summer of their adolescence, the boys are very conscious of their pubescent changes. Thor has a crush on local teen Beth (Diljá Valsdóttir), and tries to find ways to evade his older bratty sisters to spend time with her. Christian, meanwhile, has feelings for Thor that go beyond friendship – and these are difficult for him to reveal. As the seasons change and the pace of the local gossip quickens, both boys try to keep their flailing...

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Inside Out 2017 Review: Hold Me Like Before

Verónica (Jimena Franco) is a transgender sex worker in Costa Rica. On one evening, a taxi she rides in with her roommate Greta (Natalia Porras) hits a junkie, Tato (Camilo Regueyra). Verónica decides to help Tato to his feet and lets him stay in her apartment. Greta worries that Tato could cause trouble, but Veronica, an observant Christian, thinks that it is her responsibility to help this injured, downtrodden soul. Hold Me Like Before is a lovely portrait of young, lonely, ostracized people. However, Jurgen Ureña’s film never builds to much: there seems to be a good half-hour or more...

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Inside Out 2017 Review: Woman on Fire

Brooke Guinan is a third-generation firefighter in New York City. But being the only trans woman in an overwhelmingly male department has not always been an easy ride. As she fights for greater representation in the firehouse, she also has to adjust to a new life with boyfriend Jim when the two decide to move in together. Woman on Fire captures the pride and pressures Brooke feels in a male-dominant workplace, as well as her decision to follow a family tradition. Woman on Fire is a straightforward yet sensitive portrait of a courageous New Yorker. Julie Sokolow’s doc benefits...

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Review: The Commune

In Denmark during the early 1970s, news anchor Anna (Trine Dyrholm) and her professor husband Erik (Ulrich Thomsen) inherit a large house by the sea. Unable to determine whether to sell it for a good price or live in the affluent neighbourhood, the couple decides to use the space as a commune. Soon, left-wing Danes are taking up shelter and making agendas about how to behave in the house, which sometimes irk the more traditional owners. However, when Erik starts an affair with one of his students, Emma (Helene Reingaard Neumann), and she joins him in the communal home,...

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Review: The Lovers

The Lovers, a new drama from director Azazel Jacobs (Terri), focuses on both the strains and the swoons of married life. Fifty-something couple Mary (Debra Winger) and Michael (Tracy Letts) has lost the spark of their earlier years. They hardly speak to each other or spend time together; instead, the two have pursued other relationships. She has fallen for a novelist named Robert (Aidan Gillen), and he is with Lucy (Melora Walters), a dance teacher. However, before either Mary or Michael can exclaim they are leaving each other, a spontaneous romance suddenly seizes them. The latest release by indie...

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Review: Vancouver: No Fixed Address

The ballooning price of real estate in Vancouver has made much of the city’s core uninhabitable for many citizens that have been saving up for years. Stagnant wages are pushing city residents out from prized homes and apartments that are now too pricey to afford. Meanwhile, offshore money coming from wealthy Asian buyers has created a schism between the new arrivals and lifelong Vancouverites. As the city deals with a housing crisis, its citizens grapple with what their futures on the West Coast may hold. For many artists, timing is everything. For director Charles Wilkinson, a premiere of a documentary with this subject...

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Review: Certain Women

The new drama from director Kelly Reichardt (Meek’s Cutoff) focuses on three loosely connected stories about women in small-town Montana. In the first, attorney Laura Wells (Laura Dern) tries to help a client get compensation for a work injury, but is drawn into an unexpected hostage situation. In the second, Gina (Michelle Williams) tries to convince a family friend to sell his valuable sandstone, so that she can build a new home with her husband. In the third, a ranch hand (Lily Gladstone) creates a strong bond with a young lawyer (Kristen Stewart) who arrives in town to teach...

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