Author: Jordan Adler

REEL Indie 2013 Review: The Legend of Jimi Lazer

Rock star Jimi Lazer (Robbie Beniuk) is the lead singer and guitarist of gospel band Lazer Us. He made a deal with a witch to sell his firstborn child for fame and a guitar that can make him as famous as Jimi Hendrix. However, living under that curse, he disappears and does not show up for his band’s gig. 27 years later, a mysterious man finds Lazer and makes a deal with him to rekindle his old group for a show in Toronto. However, Lazer must first reconcile with the band mates that he abandoned and rebuild his guitar,...

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The author as auteur: when famous novelists write for the movies

In the Coen Brothers’ 1991 drama Barton Fink, the title character (played by John Turturro) is an acclaimed playwright in New York. His agent recommends that Barton fly off to Hollywood so that he can make more money. In Los Angeles, the head of the movie studio assigns Barton the job of writing a B-movie boxing film; however, when he sits down to write the picture, Barton cannot get past the first few lines of description. Several authors have found allure in the promise of making big money by drafting Hollywood screenplays, but Barton’s struggle to find a creative...

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