Author: Katie O'Connor

TIFF 2015 Review: Never Steady, Never Still

Never Steady, Never Still is a short about a young man named Jamie (Dylan Playfair) who returns home to his frail mother (Tina Hedman) after some unforeseen circumstances. As mother and son, they must work together to try and lead a happy and normal life, however Jamie is at a crossroads with what he wants. This short will be having its World Premiere in Short Cuts Programme 1. Never Steady, Never Still is the latest short for Kathleen Hepburn. She is a recent graduate of the Writer’s Lab of the Canadian Film Centre. Other work by Hepburn includes Murder in Hecate...

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TFS Festival Quickie: Caroline Monnet, Director of Mobilize

Mobilize is a short that communicates the relationship between spaces – nature and the urban landscape. The film encapsulates these spaces and their experiences in entirely archival footage and an original soundtrack by Inuk artist, Tanya Taqaq. Director Caroline Monnet talks about the invaluable Indigenous archival footage and how music and sound are an essential sensorial experience for audiences. Mobilize will have its World Premiere at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival in the Short Cuts Canada Programme 1. Check the TIFF website for more information. Describe your film in 10 words or less. Made entirely with archival footage, Mobilize is...

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TIFF 2015 Review: Son of Saul

Saul Ausländer (Géza Röhrig) is a Jewish Hungarian living through the Second World War in a concentration camp. Saul is employed in the camp as part of the Sonderkommando unit, which take prisoners to the gas chambers and dispose of their bodies afterwards. During his work, Saul comes across a young boy who survives the gas chamber but later dies. Saul is adamant on saving the boy’s body in order to perform a Jewish burial. The film follows Saul tirelessly attempting to work his way through the camp’s complex networks in order to find a rabbi to perform the Jewish prayer...

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TFS Festival Quickie: Steven McCarthy, director of O Negative

O Negative is a near silent horror/thriller that confronts desire and dependency. It follows a man who looks after a woman and feeds her addiction. The short film will be having its world premiere at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival in the Short Cuts Canada Programme 1 at this year’s festival. Director Steven McCarthy spoke about how he made this film as a learning experience and what it was like to work with his girlfriend. Check the TIFF website for more information. Describe your film in 10 words or less. A dark and dreamlike story of desire and dependency. What...

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For the love of short film: why filmmakers choose short film to tell a story

Short filmmaking is an art form worthy of celebration. It’s not only a place for artists to get their work noticed, but for some, it is a way to have fun and challenge the artistic medium. These films often tackle themes and narratives of a socio-cultural and political context, which shape and influence how we experience ourselves, and the world around, us via film. Frequently, short filmmaking also has a community aspect among artists and filmmakers. In developing this identity, new ways are established to get filmmakers recognized for the positive aspects of their craft. Creating a short film...

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