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Crowdfunding Project of the Week: Heir

This week’s crowdfunding project is Heir, a short film from horror masters Fatal Pictures. The fourth of the horror shorts from writer/director Richard Powell and producer Zach Green, Heir will also be the final piece before they begin work on their debut feature length film.  Heir is an incredible dark story, about a man and his young son going on a road trip to indulge some of the father (Gordon)’s most secret and dark passions. An extremely creepy and reprehensible story, Heir boasts a twisted journey. As I mentioned, the Fatal Pictures team is no stranger to this genre....

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Crowdfunding Project of the Week: The Doreen Brownstone Film Spectacular

I’m not positive that this is the title of the project, but I’ll take it anyway. Hello and welcome to this week’s crowdfunding project of the week. Whilst perusing Indiegogo the other day I happened upon a very interesting Manitoba-based film potential that I found far too delightful to not share. Have you ever heard of Doreen Brownstone? Don’t worry, you will. Hopefully. (Project underway, folks, heed the word.) Doreen Brownstone is a Manitboa theatre legend. At 91 she’s still strutting her stuff on the stage, keeping her rather novel-like life going full-steam ahead. Sort of a Canadian Betty...

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Crowdfunding Project of the Week: Nobody Cares

This week’s crowdfunding project hails from Ryerson University. Nobody Cares is a short horror film by writer/director Nadia Pacey and her Le Arthouse Media cohort, producer Pierce Desrochers-O’Sullivan. Pacey and Desrochers-O’Sullivan work together on Le Arthouse Media, this project will be their 12th short film together. A young and ambitious filmmaker, Pacey explains this thesis project as a slightly autobiographical comic book look at what happens when a filmmaker puts maybe a little too much into their work. Like, obsessively. The main character (Tina)’s main character (Blanche) comes to life in this chilling short and attempts to force responsibility...

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Crowdfunding Project of the Week: Bump in the Night

I’ve seen my fair share of superhero movies. I could probably watch them back to back, even though I often find my own sex under- or mis-respresented. A solution is on the horizon. An interesting idea cropped up that turned someone’s missed opportunities into a great plot twist. Allow me to explain. This week’s crowdfunding project is Bump in the Night, a Canadian grown film featuring a very pregnant, new found, vigilante superhero. Writer/director/lead actor Shondra Kayd found herself out of work as a pregnant actor and felt inspired to demonstrate with her own skills just how powerful pregnant women...

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Crowdfunding Project of the Week: The Ocean is Stupid

Mark Henry Fiorillo has an idea. A familiar tale of the kinks in our plans, the struggle against failures and setbacks, a relationship gone asunder. Sure, you’ve seen it a hundred (more) times, I quite agree. However, what happens between the big moments? Do you sit and watch a movie and think about the “between” scenes? Writer/director Fiorillo’s idea is not that typical story, it’s the stripped down reality of that story using the beautiful art of film, the music, the camera, the pauses. Fiorillo has assembled a small and talented crew including cinematographer Ryan Glover and actors Bea...

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Crowdfunding Project of the Week: Gambling On Extinction

This week’s crowdfunding spotlight lands on an international collaboration, anti-poaching documentary Gambling on Extinction. Filming in Africa, Vietnam and China, director Jakob Kneser hopes to produce a film that exposes not only violations of animal rights but massive international crime with the illegal animal trade. The players at all levels of animal poaching include not only the poachers themselves but the gangs, politicians and investors who keep this terrible cycle careening towards the extinction of some of our most beloved and beautiful animals. The documentary focuses specifically on the illegal poaching of tigers, elephants and rhinos, and the products bought...

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Crowdfunding Project of the Week: A Life of Thai

There has been a surge of media coverage this past year concerning Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), particularly as it pertains to veterans and soldiers returning from active service. This debilitating health issue has been largely unknown, or worse, ignored, leading to years of suffering and frequently suicide. The growing awareness of PTSD is leading to a higher prioritization of mental health services for the military. A treatment slowly making its way into the spotlight is the use of psychiatric service dogs. Many of us are familiar with service dogs for the visually and hearing impaired, and some may...

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