Author: Nicole Frangos

Cinema Revisited: Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus (1993) was standard watching fare in the nineties; plenty of millennials may still own their worn-out VHS tapes, or at least remember them fondly. For those who haven’t seen it, Hocus Pocus tells the story of a teenager who accidentally brings a coven of evil witches back from the dead on Halloween night. If you browse through any click-baity site, it would appear that everyone is still obsessed with this movie. But why do we love this movie so much? What is it about Hocus Pocus that makes it incessantly re-watchable for some of us, even as...

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Review: Ouija: Origin of Evil

It’s 1965 in Los Angeles. After purchasing a Ouija board as a prop for her séance scam business, a widowed mother (Elizabeth Reaser) accidentally invites evil spirits into her home. Her youngest daughter becomes possessed by a particularly malevolent spirit and the family is forced to save her, with the help of a priest – E.T.’s own Henry Thomas. And now you know the whole plot of Ouija: Origin of Evil; hopefully we saved you a visit to the cinema. As far as evil spirit movies go, this one fits the formula perfectly. Nice family plus Ouija board equals youngest child...

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Review: The Girl on the Train

It’s hard to talk about the plot of The Girl on the Train without getting spoiler-y. Those who haven’t read the book will want to go into this movie knowing only the basics; and those who have read the book don’t necessarily need a plot recap. So let’s put it this way: The Girl on the Train is the film adaptation of Paula Hawkins’ wildly successful 2015 novel, which tells the story of Rachel (Emily Blunt), Megan (Haley Bennett), and Anna (Rebecca Ferguson), three women whose lives are intimately connected in ways that are deceitful and dangerous. The film...

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The TFS List: Ranking Rob Zombie’s films

Rob Zombie is a contentious figure in horror – but whether you love him or hate him, there’s one thing that’s certain about him and his films: they’re sure to ignite a response. A shrinking violet he isn’t. Also, he is a true horror fan – not only because of his awesome horror memorabilia collection, which we still remember from MTV’s Cribs, but because his films pay homage to the greats. In celebration of October, horror’s finest month, we’ve ranked Zombie’s films from great to horrendous. We only took a look at full-length feature films directed by Zombie –...

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Review: Command and Control

Command and Control is a documentary that examines the 1980 Damascus Titan missile explosion. The Titan II missile, which was buried in an underground silo, was maintained by a missile combat crew and Propellant Transfer Team (PTS). On September 19, 1980, an accident occurred during a maintenance service: when PTS member Dave Powell was servicing the missile’s oxygen tank, he dropped a socket onto the silo’s floor, where it bounced into the side of the Titan II, creating a fuel leak that lead to the inevitable explosion. A man was killed, others seriously injured, and the launch complex was...

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TIFF 2016 Review: Paterson

Adam Driver is a hardworking bus driver who likes Emily Dickinson in Paterson, Jim Jarmusch’s latest festival contribution. Driver’s eponymous Paterson drives a bus in the small town of Paterson, New Jersey and is married to a free-spirited woman with flitting creative energy. They have a solid marriage and they’re in love. Every day, though, Paterson wakes up and goes through the motions of his routine-filled life. His passion is his poetry – he’s a talented poet who spends much of his free time writing in his ‘secret notebook.’ Paterson spends a week in the life of this poet....

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Review: Don’t Breathe

In Don’t Breathe, three thieves choose the wrong house to burglarize. After a series of semi-successful runs, they target the house of an Iraq war vet who they suspect is stashing a lot of cash after his daughter’s wrongful death. It seems like the perfect theft: the man’s house is in the middle of an abandoned residential street in Detroit, and he’s blind. Unfortunately for the trio, this man is like a very sinister mixture of Rambo and Kevin from Home Alone. Once they’re in the house, they do everything they can to get back out. For horror or...

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