William Brownridge

Raised on a healthy diet of Star Wars and every horror film on a video store shelf, Will has been watching movies since before he was able to talk. Inspired by an ever growing passion for film, and the occasional mind control experiment, Will began writing film review on his personal blog, The Film Reel. When the mind control experiments actually worked, he was able to secure a position with Toronto Film Scene. He now waits patiently in the TFS basement for October to come every year, when his love for horror films finally pays off.

The Lesson review

TIFF 2014 Review: The Lesson

Nadezhda (Margita Gosheva) works as an English teacher in a small Bulgarian town, trying to make ends meet by taking translation jobs on the…

Two Smart review

CTFF 2014 Review: Two Smart

Madj (Alison Hinds) and Jon (George Gill) are a married couple facing numerous problems. As a storm swells overhead, the couple come across Desiree (Saran…

Teen Lust review

TIFF 2014 Review: Teen Lust

In a quiet town near Winnipeg, a satanic church operates in the basement of its minister and his wife (Carey Elwes and Kristen Bauer…