Author: William Brownridge

Review: Goddess

Elspeth (Laura Michelle Kelly) is a mother to twin boys while her husband James (Ronan Keating) is always out at sea saving whales. The kids can be crazy and Elspeth really just wants a moment to herself. When James gives her a webcam to stay connected while he’s at sea, Elspeth begins recording herself singing songs in the kitchen. At first she gets no attention, but when an advertising mogul notices her performance, Elspeth is offered the chance to find fame and fortune, but the cost may be too high. Goddess is everything you would expect in a romantic...

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Review: Manhattan Night

Porter Wren (Adrien Brody) is an investigative reporter who has been riding the success of finding a missing girl in the woods for years. Working for a paper in an era where most people turn to the internet for their news, Wren shows up after a tragedy has occurred to capture the stories and images of the people affected by them. He just wants to keep bringing home his share of income for his wife Lisa (Jennifer Beals) and their two kids, although Lisa’s work as a surgeon could probably cover the bills anyway. When Wren meets Caroline Crowley...

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Review: Unlocking the Cage

Animal rights lawyer Steven Wise has spent decades fighting for the rights of clients who can’t speak for themselves. In the legal battle focused on in Unlocking the Cage, Wise is attempting to convince the courts that chimpanzees should be protected from abuse in the same way that humans are. Using scientific evidence, Wise attempts to prove that chimpanzees are as intelligent as young children, thereby granting them the same rights afforded humans so that they can stop people from keeping chimpanzees as pets or as displays in roadside zoos. Change is always slow to come, and nobody may...

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Dark Nights: Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Welcome to the first post in our newest column, Dark Nights, where we’ll be looking at some of the great (and so bad, they’re great) horror films we love. Hopefully you’ll be able to discover a few titles that you may have missed out on, or rediscover a film that you’ve always loved. This week we’re looking at the outstanding 1988 film, Killer Klowns from Outer Space. It’s a perfect time as well, because the film happens to be screening on Saturday, August 20, 2016 at the Carlton Cinema. Most horror fans are probably familiar with Killer Klowns from...

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Anime Monday: Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma

If you’ve ever found yourself sitting down to a few hours of competitive cooking shows on television and enjoying every minute of it, you’ll want to check out Food Wars: Sokugeki no Soma. Available on Crunchyroll, the series follows Soma Yukihira (Yoshitsugu Matsuoka), a young man who dreams of taking over the small diner his father runs. Constantly challenging his father to cook-offs, which he always winds up losing, Soma is determined to finally cook a dish that will beat his father. Without any warning, Soma’s father closes up the shop to travel around the world, telling Soma that...

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Review: Sausage Party

There’s no doubt that Sausage Party was conceived in a haze of marijuana smoke. That’s just the kind of atmosphere that would inspire talk of food that was alive and unaware of the horrible fate that awaited it once it left the grocery store. There’s also no doubt about what kind of film you’re going to get from the minds of guys like Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. Together with writers Ariel Shaffir and Kyle Hunter, Sausage Party is overflowing with cursing, sex jokes, borderline racist, sexist and homophobic material, and some shots at religion in general. Basically it’s everything...

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Indie Tuesdays: Your Place or Minecraft

Most people are at least familiar with Minecraft. The premise of the game is simple. Your character appears in a world filled with blocks, a little like Lego. There’s trees, grass, sand, dirt, stone, flowers, and some bugs. There’s also some creatures who appear at night to hunt you down. You must use the objects in the world to build a shelter for protection, slowly building up until you can create tools to help you dig up the dirt or chip away at the rock. Eventually, you’ll be able to build impressive structures, armour and weapons, and furnishings for...

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