William Brownridge

Raised on a healthy diet of Star Wars and every horror film on a video store shelf, Will has been watching movies since before he was able to talk. Inspired by an ever growing passion for film, and the occasional mind control experiment, Will began writing film review on his personal blog, The Film Reel. When the mind control experiments actually worked, he was able to secure a position with Toronto Film Scene. He now waits patiently in the TFS basement for October to come every year, when his love for horror films finally pays off.

Quebekoisie review

Regent Park 2014 Review: Quebekoisie

Filmmakers Mélanie Carrier and Olivier Higgins begin a journey from Quebec to Natashquan on bike, following Route 138, to capture stories about the Indigenous people…

The New Black review

Regent Park 2014 Review: The New Black

Filmmaker Yoruba Richen follows the battle for same-sex marriage equality in Maryland within the African American community. Many people consider church the central element of…

Gore, Quebec review

Review: Gore, Quebec

Mike (Blake Mawson) and Amanda (Myrthin Stagg) are forced to spend a weekend together after being set up by their friends. The group is…

Night Moves review

Planet in Focus 2014 Review: Night Moves

Josh (Jesse Eisenberg), Dena (Dakota Fanning), and Harmon (Peter Sarsgaard) are three environmentalists looking to send a message by blowing up a controversial dam….

9-Man review

Reel Asian 2014 Review: 9-Man

9-Man is a variation on volleyball, and is an incredibly popular sport played in Chinatowns across North America, as well as the southern Chinese…