Author: William Brownridge

Review: Train to Busan

Zombie movies are a dime a dozen. They’re usually easy to produce, have a rather decent sized and rabid fanbase, and have captured a slice of pop culture once again in recent years. They’re also frequently awful. Horror films suffer a lot in this way. Take some blood, throw in a few scares and some mindless characters that only exist to cease existing at some point, and you’ve got your horror movie. Personally, I’ve been waiting years for another great zombie film and it has finally arrived with Train to Busan. The film follows Seok-woo (Gong Yoo), a divorced father...

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Review: The Blackout Experiments

Horror fans will be familiar with the discussion of why people are interested in being scared. It’s something that is hard to explain and even more difficult to understand, unless you happen to be entertained by having your heart race. Film is one way to experience that kind of terror, but the more physical connection of going to a ‘haunted house’ experience seems like the next step. That is until you sit down to watch The Blackout Experiments. An immersive experience called Blackout has been gathering fans over the last few years in New York and Los Angeles. Director...

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Fantasia 2016 Review: Bed of the Dead

Old film purists can rest easy knowing that Bed of the Dead is not a remake in any way of the goofy 1977 film Death Bed: The Bed That Eats, although they do share the fact that there’s a bed, and it’s going to be doing unspeakable things to those that stumble upon it. Coming from director Jeff Maher, who also worked on Bite, the film does get gooey and gory, but its ideas never quite get fully fleshed out. The film follows Virgil (Colin Price), a detective called out to a sex club after a fire in one of...

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Fantasia 2016 Review: The Unseen

Aden Young stars as Bob Langmore, a man seriously struggling with his life. His job in a mill doesn’t offer him much respect and he hasn’t seen his daughter Eva (Julia Sarah Stone) in years. He may have some valid reasons for his troubles though, as Bob is slowly turning invisible, piece by piece. When his ex-wife Darlene (Camille Sullivan) calls him to talk to him about Eva’s rebellious behaviour, Bob plans a trip to finally see the daughter he left behind. He doesn’t get far when he winds up putting his truck in a ditch, forcing him to take...

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Anime Monday: Ajin Season 1

It’s actually a little rare to find an anime that can appeal to horror fans. There are quite a few zombie themed anime, and there have been some incredibly bloody shows over the years, but most anime leaves out the violence in favour of battles between robots, summer romances, or school hijinks. Ajin, streaming on Netflix, eliminates everything that might be happy or carefree in a show, replacing it with selfish, demented characters and some incredibly bloody and twisted violence. It’s everything a horror fan could want, although the package it comes in may leave a little to be desired....

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Review: How to Build a Time Machine

Rob Niosi and Ron Mallett almost couldn’t be any different. Niosi has worked as an animator his whole life, while Mallett has studied to become a theoretical physicist. What both men have in common is an obsession with time travel. As a child, Niosi watched The Time Machine and has been working on a replica of the machine from the film for over 9 years. Mallett was left without a father at a young age and has dreamt of time travel ever since, working through the years to become a theoretical physicist while studying the reality of time travel on the...

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Review: Queen of Spades: The Dark Rite

We’re quite familiar with most of the legends and tales that have been told in North American horror cinema over the years. It seems as if there isn’t a legend or figure alive that we haven’t already seen in some form. That’s why it’s always interesting to look outside of North America to find something new and interesting. This time it’s Russia with Queen of Spades: The Dark Rite from director Svyatoslav Podgayevskiy. Only his second feature film, Podgayevskiy shows tremendous talent for delivering exactly what horror fans are looking for. The film begins with 12-year-old Anna (Alina Babak) and...

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