Author: William Brownridge

Review: Dan and Margot

Margot lived a very normal life, heading to school and preparing for what would come after. She suddenly found herself the victim of a stalker who would stand outside of her house and yell terrible things about her. She called this person Dan, but they never really existed. Margot found out she was suffering from schizophrenia. It cost her the job she loved and left her with nothing. After 3 years of suffering, Margot was finally able to get her illness under control, but it’s something she’ll have to live with forever. Dan and Margot follows Margot almost 10 years...

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Review: Kill Zone 2

Kit (Wu Jing) is an undercover police officer trying to take down a ring of organ harvesters led by Mr. Hung (Louis Koo), who needs a new heart and the only donor is his own brother, although he’s not really willing to give up his life. Mr Hung assigns Kit to help kidnap his brother, but when it goes awry, his cover is blown. Kit is captured and placed in a prison where Chai (Tony Jaa) is a guard. Chai’s daughter has leukaemia, and it just so happens that the matching donor is Kit, but neither of them are aware of...

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Review: The People Garden

Sweetpea (Dree Hemingway) is taking drastic measures to break up with her current boyfriend, rock star Jamie (François Arnaud). In France shooting a video for his band, Sweetpea travels across the globe to surprise him with this news, but when she arrives, he has gone missing from the video shoot. At first, she thinks he’s figured out what’s going to happen and is hiding in the woods until she leaves so he can avoid the moment. Nobody seems to be very helpful in her search and it feels like something very odd is happening. Mak (Jai West), a local...

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Memories of youth: Natasha director David Bezmozgis

The goal of any great film is to find a way to connect with its audience. If we can be drawn into the world that has been created and see ourselves in the characters onscreen, the film is sure to be a hit. With Natasha, directed by David Bezmozgis and opening May 6, 2016 after screening at the 2016 Toronto Jewish Film Festival on opening night, the connection is not only strong, but rather uncomfortable as well. Natasha is the story of Mark (Alex Ozerov), a teen living in a Toronto suburbs who spends his time reading, avoiding getting...

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Future of Film Showcase 2016 Review: Ellie

In a remote cottage in the woods, Stephen (Sebastian Labissiere) prepares lunch while speaking with Davis (Jeff Lawson) about a previous incident that day. Screams break a silence between the two men and the secrets of the cottage start to appear. Ellie is a film that requires balance, both in how it’s written about, and how the film is actually put together. Director Morgana McKenzie does a wonderful job of slowly revealing the secrets that Stephen has, always making sure to surprise viewers at every turn. Things are never what they appear to be in this short. Every time we figure something out,...

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Future of Film Showcase 2016 Review: Footprints

Cahng (Daniel Park) awakens in the forest with a bleeding gash on his forehead and no memory of how he wound up there. He begins searching for his wife and son, only to find a disturbing scene. Positive that some force is hunting him and his family, Cahng desperately tries to find his son, but what he’ll ultimately find is more terrifying than he could have imagined. Footprints is a dark, tense, and emotional short film from director Kevin Saychareun. The beautifully shot film may be a bit lacking in surprises, as the opening scene perhaps gives away too much...

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Toronto Jewish Film Festival 2016 Review: Natasha

Mark (Alex Ozerov) lives a comfortable life in the suburbs of Toronto. He mainly keeps to himself, secretly selling pot to gather extra money while his parents continue to complain that he never wants to find a job. When his uncle remarries a woman from Russia, she brings her daughter Natasha (Sasha K. Gordon) to Toronto from Russia for a new life. Since Natasha doesn’t speak English yet, and Mark seems to have nothing better to do with his days, Mark’s mother tasks him with keeping Natasha entertained. He’s initially annoyed by the request, but soon starts to fall...

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