William Brownridge

Raised on a healthy diet of Star Wars and every horror film on a video store shelf, Will has been watching movies since before he was able to talk. Inspired by an ever growing passion for film, and the occasional mind control experiment, Will began writing film review on his personal blog, The Film Reel. When the mind control experiments actually worked, he was able to secure a position with Toronto Film Scene. He now waits patiently in the TFS basement for October to come every year, when his love for horror films finally pays off.

Big News from Grand Rock review

Review: Big News from Grand Rock

Working at the local paper in Grand Rock, a very small town, Leonard Crane (Ennis Esmer) couldn’t be happier. Things start falling apart when…

In Her Place review

Review: In Her Place

A wealthy couple, who have struggled to have a child decide to adopt the unborn child of a poor teenage girl (Ahn Ji Hye)….

The Thorn of the Rose review

TBFF Review: The Thorn of the Rose

Successful prosecutor David Lunga (Júlio Mesquita) finds himself wrapped up in a case of corruption and murder after meeting the beautiful Rosa (Ady Batista)…

Manos Sucias review

TBFF Review: Manos Sucias

Jacobo (Jarlin Javier Martinez), a seasoned veteran of the drug trade, and Delio (Cristian James Abvincula), a young father looking for some quick money,…

Love, Rosie review

Review: Love, Rosie

Rosie (Lily Collins) and Alex (Sam Claflin) have been friends since they were little kids. On Rosie’s eighteenth birthday, the two share a kiss,…

Dogs on the Inside review

Review: Dogs on the Inside

Dog rescue operations are faced with a limited number of foster homes where the dogs can be sent to be trained and rehabilitated. Utilizing…