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Review: West Wind: The Vision Of Tom Thomson

In the past, most stories about  famous Canadian artist Tom Thomson  have focused on his mysterious death. In the documentary West Wind: The Vision of Tom Thomson , directors Michèle Hozer and Peter Raymont bring us a deeper look at his life. West Wind begins with the early life of Tom Thomson, a relatively shy, nature loving child, and follows him until his untimely death at the age of 39. While his work is widely recognized and respected (he’s even been called the Canadian Van Gogh), Thomson didn’t really begin painting until his later years, and his art wasn’t...

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Review: My Way

Director Kang Je-kyu‘s epic war drama, My Way , is a visually stunning film. Filled with scene after scene of enormous battles, rivaling the largest Hollywood productions, the action is almost non-stop.  It’s unfortunate that  the story seems to suffer as a result. The film opens with a young aristocrat named Hasegawa Tatsuo (Joe Odagiri) moving to his family’s farm in Korea. There he meets Kim Jun-shik (Jang Dong-gun), whose family works on the farm. Both kids dream of becoming marathon runners, eventually becoming bitter rivals as they grow up. This rivalry follows them as they both begin fighting...

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Review: Pickels In A Pickle – TIFF Kids 2012

Screening at TIFF Kids International Film Festival as part of the Reel Rascals Shorts: Spring into Spring! , Pickels In A Pickle is a wonderfully animated piece directed by Steffen Schäffler. Pickels the pig (Finn Stevenhagen) decides to play by the pond one day, but he accidentally opens the water gate and drains the pond. When he realizes that all his friends plan to go swimming the next day, Pickels has to find a way to get all the water back where it belongs. Geared towards kids aged three to six, the story is cute and  lighthearted  with animation...

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Review: Will – TIFF Kids 2012

Screening as part of the TIFF Kids International Film Festival, Will is the story of Will Brennan (Perry Eggleton), a boy who lives in an orphanage after his mother has passed away. Will’s father Gareth (Damian Lewis) returns to reunite with his son and surprises Will with two tickets to the LFC’s Champions League final in Istanbul. When Gareth then tragically dies of an aneurysm, Will decides to run away from the orphanage so he can still attend the championship game. Directed by Ellen Perry, this is an incredibly moving film, sure to have viewers cheering for Will as...

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Review: Play Lunch – TIFF Kids 2012

Play Lunch screens at the TIFF Kids International Film Festival as part of two programs, For The Love Of… and Someone Like You . Directed by Cassandra Nguyen, Play Lunch is the story of Molly (Chantelle Wong), a girl who wants to play football, but promised her mom she would eat her lunch first. Molly finds that if she shares her lunch with Sam (Dylan Tucker), she’ll be able to make a new friend and have time to play. Play Lunch is full of great themes, including friendship and perseverance. It’s also incredibly cute watching Molly and Sam instantly...

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Review: Girl Model

The modeling industry is frequently on the receiving end of a lot of abuse, and rightfully so. It’s a world full of unrealistic expectations and ideas about beauty. A place where very young girls are constantly told they’re not good enough, thin enough, or pretty enough. Diving right into this world is the new documentary Girl Model . Directed by David Redmon and Ashley Sabin, the film looks at the flow of models from Russia into Japan by following 13-year-old model  Nadya Vall and scout Ashley Arbaugh. It’s a revealing look at broken dreams and unfulfilled promises that left...

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Review: Webdultery

Anyone who has been in a long-term relationship understands that it can take a tremendous amount of work to maintain. What happens when a couple begins looking outside of their marriage for intimacy is the story behind writer and director Charles Wahl‘s film, Webdultery . Fred (Anthony Cortese) and Deb (Christine Tizzard) are married and raising a son. Their relationship has suffered as the pressures of every day life intrude on their once happy marriage. Both of them have been speaking to anonymous strangers online, leading Fred and Deb to explore dating sites. Will their infidelity cause them to...

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