Author: William Brownridge

Review: Buzkashi! – Hot Docs 2012

Since ancient times, shepherds in Central Asia have faced attacks from wolves. To prevent these attacks, horsemen would chase and grab the wolves. This skill evolved into buzkashi, a sport where 200 horsemen attempt to capture and carry the carcass of a goat across the goal line. Premiering at this year’s  Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, Buzkashi! follows the lives of Azam, Khurshed, and Askar, three men who compete in the sport of buzkashi. Each man represents a different perspective of the sport. Askar is an up and coming star of the sport, while Azam is a respected...

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Review: Material Success

Nobody would ever mistake me for someone who is fashion forward, unless jeans and a t-shirt is the latest trend. Thankfully designer Bruno Ierullo, the focus of director Jesse Mann‘s documentary Material Success , has better taste than I do. Having its North American theatrical premiere at Projection Booth Cinema, Material Success follows Bruno for the two months leading up to his first fashion show in Toronto in 2009. You don’t have to be a fan of the fashion world to enjoy the film. You only have to be a person full of passion for any field that you...

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Review: The Raven

Edgar Allan Poe is certainly an important figure in the world of literature. His work has inspired artists in numerous fields, but it’s the horror genre that has truly embraced him. With The Raven , director James McTeigue not only brings the work of Edgar Allan Poe to the screen, but pieces of his life as well. Fact and fiction are weaved together, giving us a tense and bloody film that Poe fans will enjoy. John Cusack plays Edgar Allan Poe, frequently drunk and struggling to survive as a writer. He’s also engaging in a secretive relationship with Emily...

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Review: Warriors Of The Rainbow: Seediq Bale

Based on actual events, mainly focused on the Wushe Incident, Warriors Of The Rainbow: Seediq Bale is a bloody depiction of the battles between the aboriginal tribes of Taiwan and the Japanese who had taken their land. Written and directed by Wei Te-Sheng, the film follows the life of Mouna Rudo (Lin Ching-Tai), the chief of Mahebu village and one of the Seediq tribes. After the sacred lands of the aboriginal are taken by the Japanese, they are forced to live within the new communities the Japanese build. For 25 years, the aboriginal people appear to live peacefully in...

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Review: Tilman In Paradise – Hot Docs 2012

Tilman In Paradise is equal parts sad and strange as director Julian Vogel explores the world of Tilman Mai. A lonely man who is painfully shy around women, Tilman searches for a connection by visiting brothels. His first question is always “Do you kiss?” because Tilman isn’t there for the sexual aspect, he’s looking for tenderness, something he says is much more important than a random sexual encounter. It seems that he may have found what he’s been looking for after meeting Roxy, but even though Tilman may feel something different for Roxy, can she ever view him as...

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Review: Soldier/Citizen – Hot Docs 2012

Directed by Silvina Landesman, Soldier/Citizen follows a class of Israeli soldiers as they take part in army sponsored courses to complete their high school education. Focusing on a three week civic studies course, Soldier/Citizen reveals the personal feelings of the students as they discuss topics like tolerance, nationality, and discrimination. The film screens as part of the 2012 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival. Filmed in 2006, the information presented in the film may seem out of date, but it’s the discussion between the students and teacher that provides the real entertainment. The viewer is placed right in...

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Review: Finding Truelove – Hot Docs 2012

When three friends find a yearbook at Value Village from Chico High’s class of 1990, they start wondering what became of the graduates. One person in particular catches their eye, a Mr. Timothy Truelove. How can anyone ignore the perfect hair and smile of a man called Truelove? The friends, Clay, Michael, and Andrew, find out that the Chico High 20 year reunion is about to happen, so they decide to crash the party in search of this Timothy Truelove and the students of the graduating class of 1990. Directed by Samuel Kuhn, and screening at the 2012 Hot...

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