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Inside Out 2017 Review: Picture This

Describing himself as “queer cripple”, Andrew Gurza is facing the difficulties of discussing sex and disability head on. A topic that is rarely discussed in any way that has real power or meaning, Andrew has been bringing the reality of sex with disabilities to the forefront. He’s created a podcast called Deliciously Disabled, and also helped to create Justify My Love, a sex-positive play party that garnered attention worldwide. As Andrew prepares for the second Justify My Love, viewers are taken through the numerous challenges faced by Andrew and others as they attempt to deal with their sexuality in a...

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Indie Tuesdays: White Raven

Old friends Pete (Steve Bradley), Jake (Aaron Brooks), Kevin (Andrew Dunbar), and Dan (Shane Twerdun) are about to get together for their yearly guys weekend. It’s a chance for them to reconnect, as well as getting away from the problems of their everyday life. Jake is dealing with job loss that is putting stress on his marriage. Dan has been avoiding relationships by hooking up with waitresses at his work, but he’s gotten one of them pregnant and he’s not sure what to do. Kevin is pretty sure that his wife has been cheating on him, and Pete is...

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Review: The Transfiguration

Living with his brother Lewis (Aaron Moten), Milo (Eric Ruffin) is an odd, quiet young man. He doesn’t have any friends, rarely leaves his room, and is obsessed with vampires. So much so, that Milo has been murdering people on a monthly basis to drink their blood. As he moves through his daily life, avoiding a group of gang members from his building and the bullies at his school, Milo doesn’t really seem to have much of a future for himself. Things begin to change when he meets Sophie (Chloe Levine), a new resident in his building who is...

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Inside Out 2017 Review: Sebastian

Alex (James Fanizza, who also writes and directs) is introduced to Sebastian (Alex House) and is immediately attracted to him. The problem is that Sebastian is Alex’s boyfriend Nelson’s (Guifré Bantjes-Rafols) cousin. Sebastian is only in Toronto for a week before he returns to Argentina, and Nelson wants Alex to show him around. A love affair begins between the two men which threatens their individual relationships with Nelson, as well as exposing the past struggles the men have endured. Sebastian is a sweet, romantic, beautiful, well acted film following the intense relationship that grows between Alex and Sebastian over...

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Indie Tuesdays: 3 Hours till Dead

Joe (Vladimir Zaric) has just spent the last 2 weeks with his brother Stu (Hans Potter) and their friends camping in the wilderness. Disconnected because of Joe’s insistence that they leave their phones at home, they’re unaware of the danger that waits for them as they head back to the city. The reason Joe demanded they leave their phones behind is because he’s currently AWOL from the Army. He’s struggling with PTSD, which leaves him in a delicate mental state when the group winds up at a remote cabin looking for gas, only to find the home covered in...

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Movies to look forward to this summer

2017 promises to be another boom year for movie franchises and this summer is no exception. In fact, the year look positively so chock full of promising films, both large and small, and ranging to enormous blockbusters, that whittling them down into a short list wasn’t easy. We managed it though, so here are some of the top movies to look forward to this summer. Alien: Covenant Set exactly one decade after the previous film in the series Prometheus, the colony ship known as Covenant heads to a distant planet where thousands of passengers remain in cryogenic sleep with...

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Review: Alien: Covenant

The latest offering in the long running Alien series, and the second film of the prequel series Prometheus, Alien: Covenant attempts to bridge the gap between the rather dry Prometheus and the more terrifying Alien series. Unfortunately, it never really hits the mark. Fans want to see aliens, and while Alien: Covenant finally does that, it’s not until much later in the film, and it lacks all the power of previous Alien films, not to mention some really questionable CG moments and the fact that nothing will be surprising in the least. The colony ship Covenant is heading to...

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