Author: William Brownridge

Review: Personal Shopper

Director Olivier Assayas (Clouds of Sils Maria) teams up with Kristen Stewart once more for the film Personal Shopper. A blend of mundane reality and supernatural events, the film stars Stewart as Maureen, the assistant to a German model and designer (who we rarely see in the film). She can’t stand her boss, who is demanding and selfish, but she’s reluctant to leave the job because it keeps her close to the home her recently deceased twin brother lived in. Maureen and her brother are both mediums, and they’ve promised that the first to die would contact the other with...

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Canadian Film Fest 2017 Review: Broken Mile

Waking up in a bathtub covered in his own vomit is the least of drug addict Shaun’s (Francesco Filice) problems. He stumbles out of the bathroom to find his friend Sarah dead on the couch, presumably from a drug overdose, which Shaun had supplied her with. Terrified that he’ll wind up in jail, Shaun calls his ex Amy (Caleigh Le Grand) to beg for help. She reluctantly agrees, but as he’s leaving, Sarah’s boyfriend Kenny (Patrick McFadden) arrives home. Shaun takes off before Kenny realizes what’s happened, and when he does, Kenny begins hunting Shaun down. Broken Mile, written and...

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Dark Nights: Prevenge

Ruth (Alice Lowe, who also writes and directs) is 7 months pregnant and recently widowed. If that’s not enough stress in her life, she’s starting to hear the voice of her unborn daughter, and she’s telling her to set out on a murderous rampage. There seems to be a method to her madness though, and for anybody who stands in her way, it’s going to cost them their lives. Prevenge (streaming on Shudder Canada beginning Friday, March 24, 2017) takes the subgenre of evil children movies to another level entirely, making its evil child one that hasn’t even been born...

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Canadian Film Fest 2017 Review: Lost Solace

Spence (Andrew Jenkins) is an attractive, charming man who has been using his physical attributes to get ahead in life. He’ll romance a rich woman, getting her to fall in love with him so she lowers her guard, and then he’ll rob them. Spence also happens to be a psychopath. He never feels emotion, good or bad, and has actually built a room filled with objects that he’s taken from these women that were precious to them. Heading out to a club one evening, Spence takes a strange new drug that has a side effect of greatly enhancing emotions. For...

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Indie Tuesdays: Bringing Boring Girls to life: interview with Coral Aiken, Hannah Cheesman and author Sara Taylor

If you haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying the novel “Boring Girls“, from author and The Birthday Massacre lead vocalist Sara Taylor, you’re missing out on one of the best stories around. The novel follows Rachel, a shy high school girl who discovers death metal and finds friendship with a girl named Fern. Together, they form a band and manage to meet their idols in the musical world. This meeting goes drastically wrong, leaving Rachel and Fern scarred and ready for vengeance. It’s a twisted story that will either immediately connect with you, or perhaps leave you out in the...

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Review: Donald Cried

After the passing of his grandmother, Peter (Jesse Wakeman) returns to his hometown to sort out her affairs. After losing his wallet after arriving, Peter tries to find his childhood friend Donald (Kris Avedisian, who also writes and directs), who just happens to still live at home with his parents. Peter isn’t exactly happy about being in his hometown, and he just wants Donald to give him a ride and hopefully lend him some money. Donald has other plans though. He is excited to see Peter, and wants to spend the day with him. Stuck on a day out...

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Indie Tuesdays: Being Batman

The idea of real people dressing up as heroes and fighting crime at night experienced a bit of a surge a few years ago. A number of films appeared featuring characters who put on a cape and cowl to battle evil. There were even some documentaries and reality shows about the people who took on crime fighting personas. Add to this the short film Being Batman. The short looks at Brampton Batman, whose name is never revealed in the short so I’d hate to spoil the mystery that begins there. Decked out in a incredibly well done Batman outfit,...

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