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Essential Canadian Cinema: Double Happiness

As we’re looking at Asian Cinema this month at TFS, it seemed appropriate to look at a Canadian film that wooed critics in the ’90s with its tale of Asia-to-Canada immigration and the adventures and woes of these immigrants’ Canadianized kids. Mina Shum‘s Double Happiness was released in 1994 and, at the time, seemed to charm the pants off everybody. Pam Fossen and I re-watched the film (it was the second viewing for both of us, and neither of us had seen the film in years ) and decided to dole out our musings. Why don’t we let Pam...

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Essential Canadian Cinema: Young People F*cking

Each month, two intrepid TFS writers will watch a Canadian film and debate on whether or not it deserves to be essential viewing for the Canuck movie enthusiast. Since TFS’ July theme is focused on pornography as a legitimate art form, it seemed like a no-brainer for Editor-in-Chief Trista DeVries and Managing Editor Kristal Cooper to discuss 2007’s Young People Fucking which was written and directed by Martin Gero, with co-writing by Aaron Abrams. Kristal: I hadn’t watched this since its opening theatrical weekend and the thing that struck me the most was the fact that for a film...

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