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A tale of two cities: Toronto and whatever the script calls for

Here’s one of those left field questions you don’t ponder everyday-When is Toronto not Toronto? Maybe a few answers come to mind, but one is when our city serves as a stand-in location or backdrop for any number of movies filmed here but set elsewhere. Thanks to cost effective production and a variety of great restaurants, nightlife, and celebrity-filled VIP events, Toronto has a knack for luring in out-of-town film crews for Tinseltown makeovers. It has even been dubbed “Hollywood North”. Often cast as a northernly US metropolis such as New York, Chicago, or Washington, D.C., Toronto has earned her...

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Review: No Easy Mile

Bolstering his way to national treasure status in recent years, a closer look at the world of British track superstar, Mo Farah, was sure to spark intrigue in marvelling fans all across the globe. The question mark was more around how much unique access his new documentary, No Easy Mile, would gain and how much light would be shed on the famous distance runner’s secrets to success. As would be expected with any such filming, No Easy Mile spends a portion of time telling us about Farah’s childhood. Born in Somalia, amongst six siblings and a politically chaotic backdrop,...

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Best Movie-Themed Slots

If you have explored the wide range of free slot games at, you may have noticed the variety of movie themed slots available to play at a number of online casinos. Whether you’re new to playing on mobile and online casinos, or enjoy regularly playing slots online, we have compiled a list of the best movie themed slots online available at platforms like Sky Vegas and Ladbrokes, for you to enjoy. The Gladiator Slots Do you have what it takes to master the Gladiator slots game? Why not find out, as the free slot offers adventure and huge winnings in equal measure. Delivering five actionable...

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When gaming meets cinematic reality

Drawcard video slot machines When gaming meets cinematic reality the result is a fulfilling, entertaining and satisfying gaming experience. Royal Vegas Casino Games offers that experience in spades. They boast of the blockbuster video slot machines. These video slot machines are designed for one thing and one thing only, unleashing the gamer in every player, be it novice or seasonal. They have features that make the cinematic experience so real that you can reach out and touch it. And it’s all within your finger tips. Royal Vegas Casino is a gaming playground full of all gamer’s favourite movie slot...

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The Gambler: the greatest modern gambling movie

Professor and gambler Jim Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) is facing a very heavy debt with a number of people he shouldn’t be in debt to. Reckless and seeming like he’d prefer his debt be paid with his life, Jim sets up a series of loans that it looks like he’ll never be able to pay off. His very wealthy mother (Jessica Lange) has had enough of his behaviour, and one of the loan sharks wants Jim to convince a star basketball player in his class to throw a game. The only thing Jim seems to have going for him is...

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Great casino films on Netflix

Looking for the perfect Netflix movie that manages to combine glamour, danger and plenty of drama? Then check out some of these top casino movies on the streaming service that prove that the mini-genre is as endlessly fascinating and exciting as a good game of online slots! Casino Leave it up to Martin Scorsese to deliver a movie that truly defines the casino movie genre. The 1995 film Casino sizzles with brooding gangland violence and gaudy Las Vegas glamour as Robert De Niro’s character attempts to take over the gaming tables of Sin City. But it’s Sharon Stone’s award-winning...

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What To Make Of Russell Crowe’s Dr. Jekyll

As we’ve written about before, Universal is working toward developing its famous monsters into a so-called “shared universe” to mimic the design of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s a bold and tremendously exciting concept, and the monsters represent unique properties ripe for modern adaptation. Those monsters, or at least the headlining ones, appear to be Dracula, Frakenstein’s monster, the Wolfman, the Mummy, and Van Helsing’s numerous fiendish opponents. There will reportedly be franchises based on all of these characters, with 2017’s The Mummy remake leading things off (though there’s some debate over whether or not Dracula Untold truly launched...

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