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DVD releases: April 19, 2016

April 12, 2016 Releases April 26, 2016 Releases Oscar winners, action sequences, chainsaws and killer yogurt are just a few of the options for movie fanatics this week. Now is the time to bring home The Revenant as the film gets its release today. If you prefer your action to not include a bear, there’s always Ip Man 3. For horror fans, there’s some great releases this week. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 brings a lot more blood, gore and gags to the series while The Stuff oozes its way into homes. There’s also the horror comedy My Boyfriend’s Back...

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DVD releases: April 12, 2016

April 5, 2016 Releases April 19, 2016 Releases It’s a great week for horror fans as they’re treated to some great classics. Along with the latest creepy flick The Forest arriving on DVD and Blu-ray, both Bride of Re-Animator and John Carpenter’s Village of the Damned get new releases. If you prefer things a little less spooky, DC Comics latest animated film, Justice League vs Teen Titans, comes out in a special steelbook edition featuring a Robin action figure. Also available this week is the Howard Hawks directed Only Angels Have Wings from Criterion, Heroes Reborn, About Scout and The Lady in the...

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DVD releases: April 5, 2016

April 12, 2016 Releases This week may be one of the biggest of the year as Star Wars: The Force Awakens finally arrives. Although we haven’t really been waiting that long for it since it hasn’t even been 6 months sit it hit theatre screens. Oscar Isaac shows up in another release this week with Mojave. Isaac was certainly the star of that film, so fans of his work should definitely check it out. There’s also a lot of other great releases this week, including Doctor Who: The Complete Ninth Series, The Expanse: Season 1, Banshee: Season 3 and Salem:...

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A look back at 50 issues of Essential Canadian Cinema

One of the goals of Toronto Film Scene has always been to increase the exposure of locally produced films for a Canadian audience. To help achieve this goal, the Essential Canadian Cinema column was created. Each month, two TFS writers would discuss a Canadian film a decide whether it is essential viewing for audiences. While the specific definition of what makes a film Essential Canadian Cinema tends to vary from writer to writer, the general goal of the column is determine if the discussed film has a cultural or historical significance to Canadian cinema as a whole. This month...

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Our favourite moments in Canadian film

April 2016 happens to be the 50th issue of Toronto Film Scene. Over the last few years we’ve focused as much as possible on the world of Canadian film and our writers have all had opportunities to watch some great Canadian movies in that time. To celebrate not only our 50th issue, but Canadian film in general, we’ve gathered our writers together to share their favourite moment in Canadian film. Raj-Kabir Birk: Max Renn (James Woods) sits in an abandoned boat watching television. The television shows a video of himself raising a fleshy gun-shaped hand to his head and proclaiming “long...

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Creed Gets Ready for Round 2

We’re not going to lie, we’re still a little bit salty about Sylvester Stallone not getting the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role as the aging Rocky Balboa in 2015’s Creed. While we’re very pleased that he at least got a Golden Globe, this might have been Sly’s best and final shot at an Academy Award. We don’t think there will be too many more opportunities for the 69-year-old actor to shine. In fact, we hear that we won’t be seeing too much of him in the forthcoming sequel to last year’s surprise hit. We’ve known for...

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Marvel genius Stan Lee: how much is he actually worth?

Stan Lee is the creative genius behind the money-spinning movie and comic franchise, Marvel Comics. As the son of Romanian Jewish immigrants, Lee began creating comic books in the 1940s. He began turning his hand to Superman and Batman, while also contributing hugely to Captain America. But everything changed in the 1960s when Marvel was handed over to Lee in a “last ditch effort to save the business.” During this time, he began creating a different kind of superhero including the Hulk, Spider-Man, Silver Surfer and the Fantastic Four. Lee changed the landscape of comic books forever when he...

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