The Pa Boys review

imagineNATIVE 2014 Review: The Pa Boys

Danny (Francis Kora), Tau (Matariki Whatarau), and Cityboy (Tola Newbery) are members of Wellington-based reggae band, who set out on a tour of northern New Zealand….

Sol review

imagineNATIVE 2014 Review: Sol

In September 2012, 26 year old Inuk man Solomon Uyurasuk was found dead in an RCMP jail cell. Sol’s death was deemed a suicide, though his family…

Why Horror? review

TADFF 2014 Review: Why Horror?

Horror fans have been asked this question plenty of times, and it’s something that isn’t easy to explain. What fuels our love of horror…

Wyrmwood review

TADFF 2014 Review: Wyrmwood

After an unexplained zombie outbreak turns most of humanity into flesh craving monsters, Barry (Jay Gallagher) tries to reach his sister Brooke (Bianca Bradey). Along…

Refuge review

TADFF 2014 Review: Refuge

After a disease has wiped out much of humanity, a family struggles to stay alive in their secluded home. While out searching for supplies,…

Time Lapse review

TADFF 2014 Review: Time Lapse

Three friends accidentally stumble upon a camera that takes a picture of 24 hours into the future. Jasper (George Finn), a gambling addict, instantly…

The Drownsman review

TADFF 2014 Review: The Drownsman

After almost drowning, Madison (Michelle Mylett) develops a fear of water. She also begins experience visions of a terrifying figure that seems to be stalking…

Hellmouth review

TADFF 2014 Review: Hellmouth

Charlie Baker (Stephen McHattie) is just a few days away from retiring from his job being the caretaker of a graveyard. He’s also struggling…