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Reel Asian 2016 Review: The Lockpicker

Toronto high-school student Hashi (newcomer Keigian Umi Tang) is mourning the loss of a close friend, Tess. She killed herself, and now Hashi cannot focus in class or outside the school’s walls. The teen starts stealing...

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Reel Asian 2016 Review: The Bacchus Lady

The Bacchus Lady requires a bit of context for a Toronto audience. A bacchus lady, typically an older woman in her 50s and 60s, and even up into her 80s, frequents parks where elderly men gather to socialize and play chess....

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Reel Asian 2016 Review: Seoul Station

Seoul Station is the animated prequel to Train to Busan from director Yeon Sang-ho. While the connections between the two films seems almost non-existent, Seoul Station definitely delivers an equally entertaining zombie film....

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Reel Asian 2016 Review: Tsukiji Wonderland

The Tsukiji Fish Market is renown as being the biggest fish market in the world, a well deserved title but some feel that doesn’t even properly describe Tsukiji as it is in many aspects one of a kind. In Tsukiji Wonderland...

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Reel Asian 2016 Review: Soul Mate

The Reel Asian Film Festival kicks off Tuesday, November 8, 2016 with Derek Tsang’s Soul Mate. A moving tale of friendship between two young women that is put to the test when a young man enters their life, soon followed...

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Reel Asian 2015 Review: Full Strike

Ng Kau-sau is a disgraced badminton champion, the demise of her career brought on by her uncontrollable temper. Now a dejected waitress in her brother’s restaurant, she finds herself thrown together with three ex-cons looking...

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Reel Asian 2015: Two Thumbs Up

After being released from a lengthy stint in prison, petty thief Big F (Francis Ng) gets his old gang (Simon Yam, Patrick Tams and Mark Cheng) back together to rob a delivery van transporting corpses full of cash from mainland...

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Reel Asian 2015 Review: Mina Walking

Yosef Baraki’s entry into this year’s Reel Asian film festival is the morose story of 12-year-old Mina, an Afghani girl whose day-to-day activities reveal the hardships of children—particularly female ones—in war-torn Kabul....

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Reel Asian 2015 Review: Port of Call

Drawing from events that transpired in Hong Kong 2008, Port of Call is based on the true story of the murder of a troubled 16 year old girl.  While working as prostitute, Jiamei confided in Chi-Chung Ting, her customer and a...

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