The Guest review

Review: The Guest

In The Guest a soldier (Dan Stevens of Downton Abbey) unexpectedly shows up at the grief-stricken Peterson’s residence, professing to be their recently deceased son’s army…


Review: Tu dors Nicole

Twenty-two year-old Nicole (Julianne Côté) is enjoying a quiet summer with her best friend Véronique (Catherine St-Laurent). Working at her menial job and looking…

These Final Hours review

Review: These Final Hours

With only 12 hours left until a catastrophic event wipes out life on Earth, James (Nathan Phillips) is leaving Zoe (Jessica De Gouw) behind to…

The Green Prince review

Review: The Green Prince

In the early 21st century, Mosab Hassan Yousef was one of the most prized spies for Israeli intelligence agency Shin Bet. His father was a…

Rudderless review

Review: Rudderless

After his son passes away in a tragic shooting, Sam’s (Billy Crudup) life spirals out of control. Fuelled by alcohol, Sam loses his job…


Review: Fury

In April of 1945, American forces had joined the war in Germany, but their final push against the Nazis was not going as planned….

The Book of Life review

Review: The Book of Life

Manolo (Diego Luna), Maria (Zoe Saldana), and Joaquin (Channing Tatum) are an inseparable childhood trio. In fact, their bond is so strong that the…


Review: The Best of Me

When Dawson (James Marsden) receives word that his mentor and surrogate father, Tuck (Gerald McRaney) has died, he must return to his hometown to…


Review: Citizen Marc

Marc Emery is a political activist and marijuana legalization crusader who is currently serving a five-year sentence in a US prison for selling seeds…

When Bjork Met Attenborough review

Review: When Bjork Met Attenborough

When Bjork Met Attenborough focuses on a select number of encounters between musician Bjork and naturalist David Attenborough. As the two discuss various topics in…