Issue: August 2012 - Fashion in Film

TFS Explains: what media does at TIFF

Being a member of the media at any major festival is very much like being a ticket holding member of the public: exhilarating and exhausting. I think it’s fair to say that we all love seeing incredible films, connecting with the fantastic people who made them, meeting likeminded film fans and seeing the occasional celebrity. So what sets the media TIFF experience apart? TFS reached out to four colleagues to give you a well rounded look at that press does at TIFF. Kurt Halfyard, Row Three The last few years I’ve been staying in a small Hostel across the...

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TFS Questions: Charlene Coy, Director of Publicity, Entertainment One

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk the red carpet at TIFF, rubbing shoulders with celebrities and navigating the hoards of fans and photographers? If you’re not someone like George Clooney you may never find out, but the people who work in publicity get a small taste of what it feels like every September. Often armed with clipboards and tasked with acting as a sort of gatekeeper to their celebrity charges, publicists take care of everything from dealing with the army of press that descend on TIFF each year to ushering talent all over the...

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Inside The Imposter : an interview with Bart Layton and Charlie Parker

The Imposter is a thought-provoking documentary based on the bizarre true story of a Frenchman who convinced a grieving Texan family that he was their 16-year-old son who had been missing for 3 years. Grolsch Film Works recently met up with the film’s director Bart Layton, and the Private Investigator on the case, Charlie Parker, to find out more about this strange tale and how the film came about. GFW: How did you guys meet initially, and did you get on? BL: Well, the person who deserves a great deal of credit for a lot of the access in...

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Predicting future fashion trends: costume design in futuristic films

One of the most interesting ways costume designers can flex their creative muscle in the movies is by inventing fashions that might be worn in the future. Envisioning what our world – or perhaps another world – might look like in a time that has not yet come to pass is a task of limitless possibility. I imagine it would be any designer’s dream to have such freedom to experiment and explore. So why is it that so many films set in the future feel so dated? On the TV end, the most hilarious examples of “future costume design”...

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TFS Filmmaker of the Month: Jonathan Sobol

Toronto writer/director Jonathan Sobol is a filmmaker to keep your eye on. Making his feature debut in 2006 with Citizen Duane , Sobol followed that up with A Beginner’s Guide to Endings which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2010, introducing his off-beat sense of humour to a whole score of film fans. Sobol graciously agreed to be Toronto Film Scene’s inaugural Filmmaker of the Month and answered a few questions about his career and   A Beginner’s Guide to Endings , which is out on DVD this week. Why did you become a filmmaker? It’s not...

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Fathers and Daughters: the films of Mia Hansen-Love at TIFF Bell Lightbox

Mia Hansen-Løve may not be a filmmaker you’ve heard much about, but with TIFF’s upcoming retrospective on her work to date, film fans clamouring for a new favourite filmmaker will be able to catch up on this young French director’s trio of astonishingly sophisticated films about the scars that various relationships can leave on our hearts. Originally an actress, Hansen-Løve first appeared on the scene in her now-husband Olivier Assayas‘ films Late August, Early September and Sentimental Destinies . Not content to simply mouth the words that someone else wrote for her, she stepped behind the camera and tapped...

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Making music all day every day: an interview with Michael Andrews

I think we can all agree that the Donnie Darko original soundtrack and musical score is a work of genius. So who was/is the mastermind behind it all? That’ll be Michael Andrews, one of the best film composers on the planet. Best known for his cover of Tears for Fears’ ‘Mad World’ with Gary Jules (remember him?), Andrews sat down with us to talk “˜80s pop, crazy artist clichés and his excellent solo record, Spilling a Rainbow . Grolsch Film Works: I hear you’re a new dad? Congratulations!!”¨ Michael Andrews: Relatively new. Thanks. So there’s a reissue of the...

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