Issue: December 2012 - Year-End Spectacular

Remakes, Sequels and Superheroes: the year ahead in movies

Seeing as how we’ve managed to elude the apocalypse, survive Christmas and there’s less than 24 hours left in 2012, it’s high time we start looking ahead to what the new year has in store for us – strictly movie-wise, that is. Here’s just a small taste of what you’ll be lining up to see in 2013 – mark your calendars (and remember, release dates are ever changing so what’s accurate info this week may not be so next week)! January As is the custom, January is a bit of a wasteland for new releases.   Long considered a...

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The Year in Movies: 6 films that were awesome in every way except for their weird politics

For those who know me well, you’ll know I hover around in a perpetual Marxist-Feminist vigilance. I’m also a hopelessly cinephilic sucker for a cool-looking, nail-biting thriller of a film. What happens when the former meets the latter? Can’t… process. Too… many… contradictions. Here’s my list of this year’s Films That Were Awesome In Every Way Except For Their Weird Politics. The Dark Knight Rises Forgive me in advance for my reluctant recourse to that overexposed and overdetermined academic spectacle, Slavoj Žižek, but the man makes some very interesting points in his essay about the labour and class politics...

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The Year in Movies: 7 docs that were better than anything Hollywood came up with in 2012

…except for Joyful Noise . I really wanted to try to build my themed list around my love for the uber-cheesy, so-terrible-it’s-wonderful musical starring Dolly Parton, Queen Latifah and zombie Kris Kristofferson, but aside from that and my other favourite movie of the year,   Moonrise Kingdom , there weren’t any fiction-based films that elicited much more than a “that was was pretty good” from me as I was walking out of the theatre. Looking back, it seems as though 2012 was the year of the documentary for me because as much as I liked The Avengers or Cabin...

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The Year in Movies: 5 villains that made me want to be evil

A film is usually only as strong as its villain. Can you imagine James Bond facing off against Mr. Lazy, the only villain in the world who can’t get off the couch? Of course not! To make a great hero, they need a great nemesis, but there are some villains who manage to outshine their good counterpart. This is my list of the bad guys who made me leave the theatre laughing like a lunatic while I planned my next attempt at world domination. Please be aware that there are some extreme spoilers here. If you haven’t watched any...

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The Year in Movies: 7 trailers that were almost better than the film

I’m a sucker for trailers. I’ve recently become very fascinated by them as pieces separate from the movies they’re showing. Some might call it a cheap thrill. I call it a simple pleasure. Using things like hip music, quotes of critical acclaim, and accumulated hype from a brilliantly executed marketing campaign might all seem like gimmicks, but they do serve a purpose, and if they make you say “ooo I want to see that!” (and don’t act like that hasn’t happened to you) then they’ve done their job. There can be some terrible movies that have fantastic trailers, and...

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The Year in Movies: 6 films I loved that weren’t meant for my demographic

While I am perfectly happy being 23, I don’t always like the movies that are targeted to my demographic. In lieu of that, here are five of my favourite films released in 2012 that were meant for people a lot younger or a lot older than I am, but I loved them anyway. ParaNorman   I love anything on the spooky side, and I love animated films. Put these two together and I’ll have a great time (unless of course it is the terrible Hotel Transylvania ). I loved the animation, I loved the message, and I loved the...

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The Year in Movies: 5 films I loved that I never would have seen if it weren’t for my job

Every job has ups and downs and in the world of online film journalism, there are very few “downs”, which is to say, I have few complaints. If there was only one major issue with my job it would be that I often have to see movies that are outside of my tastes (and sometimes downright offensive to me). Everyone has genres or film subject matter that doesn’t always sit right with them, but in my case, it’s not a good enough excuse to skip out on seeing a movie since it’s my job to do exactly that. This...

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