Issue: December 2013 - Year-End Spectacular

The Year in Movies: 5 unique TIFF Bell Lightbox series

When TIFF’s year-round Cinematheque took place at Jackman Hall in the AGO, it consisted of only a few retrospectives a season, which primarily catered to the art film crowd. The opening of TIFF Bell Lightbox in 2010 with its five cinemas allowed TIFF to get more creative with its year-round programming. While the artsy Cinematheque retrospectives still happen, TIFF has also programmed some more unique film series, which tend to focus more on genre films and cater to a *GASP* mainstream audience. So for my year in movies list, I am going to run down, in chronological order, five of my...

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The Year in Movies: favourite films I saw in 2013 because of Toronto Film Scene

I like to think I know a thing or two about movies, but compared to the film-buffery of many of the contributors to Toronto Film Scene, I’m a total neophyte. But that’s one of the main reasons I enjoy being a contributor, because it exposes me to new films I wouldn’t have seen if not for TFS (and older ones I should have seen by now anyway). The following is a list of some of my favourite films that I’ve seen this past year either because I had to review and discuss them, or because other TFS’ers inspired me...

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Best of TFS 2013: our favourite famous people

Films are awesome, and so are the people who make them. Every year TFS talks to a ton of filmmakers, actors and producers. Sometimes we’re introducing you to talented people we think you should know about, sometimes their reputation precedes them. Here are a few of our favourite interviews with famous people from 2013. Edgar Wright and Nick Frost We spoke to Edgar Wright and Nick Frost in advance of the release of their latest film The World’s End, about washed up drug addict, Gary, who peaked in high school. Gary convinces four of his friends to come attempt...

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The Year in Movies: 4 movies which could have been told from a different perspective

It’s the same thing year after year in movies – a spectacle of blockbusters told through the male (predominantly white) gaze. Female directors and protagonists are the exception to this unwritten rule. Even then many of the characters have objectives ranging from getting revenge to getting the guy. In 2013, girls were deemed “slutty” and gross in Spring Breakers. Emma Watson is considered a total snob as Alexis Neiers in The Bling Ring. In my opinion, a lot of the mainstream movies released in 2013 had meaningful potential, but they fell just outside the bounds of their beauty. Some movies...

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Best of TFS 2013: Essential Canadian Cinema

Every month, Toronto Film Scene’s writers watch a film and discuss it. Their ultimate goal, of course, is to determine whether or not the film in question will join TFS’ list of Essential Canadian Cinema. In 2013, six films joined that list, while two were unanimously decided not to be ‘essential’, and a further three were split decisions. Here is a look back at the films we talked about in 2013. Made the List A Married Couple This seminal Canadian documentary about a marriage on the rocks was reality television before such a thing was invented. See why we...

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The Year in Movies: opinions I’ve had the pleasure of hearing

A movie is the combining audio and visual to tell a story. Often there is a message. They may serve to distract audiences with easily digestible material. Sometimes movies lead to discussions, boiling down to either “I liked it” or “I fucking hated it!” These are a few thoughts others related to me about movies I’ve seen this year. Star Trek Into Darkness was the awesomest/worst thing ever Immediately audiences and critics loved this flick. The negative reception came in the weeks following and because geeks harbour a rage unlike any other, it didn’t dissipate until the Blu-ray release. If...

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The Year in Movies: best double features of 2013

As a die hard cinemaniac I watch at least one movie a day (often more). With that in mind, when I was asked to come up with an inventive short list of films for 2013, I had a hard time narrowing it down. So here I give you my list of the best double features of 2013. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Oblivion and After Earth The term “best double bills” doesn’t specifically mean that the movies themselves are fantastic. These two sci-fi films are pretty middle of the road individually, but together they...

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