Issue: July 2014

News flash: rom-coms are actually cool

When I tell people that one of my favourite genres is the romantic comedy, they give me a look, as if I had said knitting was a favourite pastime or that I adored watching cricket. I must be testing them, they likely think. Surely, I cannot be serious. Here is the thing: I am serious. And I am the perfect target audience for these kinds of films. I’m in print journalism, a career that you often do not see grace the lives of characters unless in the romanticized world of the rom-com. I also have been more unlucky than...

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Media Impact: we’re the humans of Pixar

A small family of squeaky lamps and a bouncy ball drew the affections of audiences in their small, but big-hearted, story. Luxo Jr., the first completed feature to come out of Pixar Animation Studios, set the tone for the studio’s iconic impact on society. Twenty-eight years later, it’s almost a guarantee that we’ll see the squeaky lamp hopping it’s way in front of big white Pixar logo before one of the studio’s films. With it’s faded exit, the lamp peers back at us, as we watch it, shining it’s light on what the animation studio has unfailingly reminded us...

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A Column On Colm Feore: Chatting with Canada’s Acting King

It’s no exaggeration that one of the happiest moments of my young journalistic career came at the beginning of my interview with Colm Feore. I said something that impressed a man who is one of the most prolific stage and screen actors in Canadian history. It was not a particularly insightful question or even a compliment that made him rejoice, and thus thrilling me as well. I did something that many journalists and interviewers had failed to do over his more than 30-year career: I pronounced his name correctly. “You get a prize for that,” Feore told me. (His...

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Celebrating the No wave pioneers at TIFF

Jim Jarmusch is the king of cool, but of course we all know that by now. With that shock white hair and ageless appearance, it sometimes feels as if Jarmusch is an alien who came down to Earth to observe us through film. His movies present a slightly off-kilter version of ourselves, somewhat familiar yet noticeably foreign. In reality, he came out of New York City’s No Wave filmmaking scene of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, a ragtag group of counterculture artists situated on the Lower East Side that heavily influenced underground cinema and the American independent film movement...

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Listen to This: why I hate Frozen

At the risk of losing friends, sounding like an internet troll, and having to go into the witness protection program, I need to declare that I hate Frozen. When I first saw it in theatres, I feigned slight amusement because I really didn’t think it would turn into this monstrous obsession for so many people. I saw it, said “meh,” and I moved on with my life. Then it won an Oscar. Parents were practically knifing each other for merchandise, it became the sixth top grossing film of all time, and then Tokyo Disney Resort started serving Frozen-themed drinks. That’s...

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The TFS List: eight musicians made for movies

At a certain stage in a musicians’ career, they try their hand at acting. In 2002, two of the planet’s most famous people–Britney Spears and Eminem–anchored their own films, although to mixed results. Yet, the films proved that there are many musicians made for movies. Recently, stars like Rihanna (Battleship), Nicki Minaj (The Other Woman) and most recently Maroon 5’s Adam Levine (Begin Again) have found big-screen stardom. This trend will continue, but few musicians have had long lasting careers in cinema. However, several musical artists proved to be surprisingly adept actors. Aspiring rockers and pop singers ought to...

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Who really supports Canadian indie horror?

The question of who’s supporting Canadian indie horror is one that may never have a definitive answer. When you ask the filmmakers and theatre chains, the default answer seems to be that things are great. The reception is great, the reviews are great, the crowds are great, everything is great — but is it really? In an attempt to answer this question as best as possible, I wanted to approach it from two avenues: first, from the outsider perspective, and next, from a personal viewpoint. There may not be a better or more recent example of indie horror to...

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