Issue: October 2012 - Horror Canadian-Style

TFS Questions: Vik Sahay, Actor

Vik Sahay is a veteran character actor who’s probably best known for his role as Lester Patel on the NBC spy comedy Chuck . The Ottawa-born Sahay may not yet be a household name, but chances are that even if you never saw his work in Chuck , you recognize him from Canadian TV series This Is Wonderland or from the Roxy Hunter movie series, or from his roles in homegrown films like Amal and Afghan Luke . He’s also appeared in American-produced movies like American Reunion opposite Sean William Scott and in The Rocker with Rainn Wilson. Yep,...

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Tax Shelter Terror: How the Canadian government created a whole new generation of fright flicks

Hollywood North. We’ve all heard that term but where did it originate? Back in the ’70s, the government introduced the one-hundred-percent Capital Cost Allowance (CCA) for feature films deemed certifiably Canadian which was a marked increase from the sixty-percent CCA that had previously existed since 1954. This meant that anyone who put money into a  film that  had a Canadian Producer, two-thirds Canadian  crew and  talent  and  seventy-five percent of their technical services performed in the country  could defer paying taxes on their investment until the profits started rolling in.  Not surprisingly, many enterprising producers cottoned on to this...

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Essential Canadian Cinema: The Dark Hours

When we started our TFS Essential Canadian Cinema column a few months ago, it was with the intention of shining a spotlight on Canadian films that didn’t make the splash they should have when they were released. The Dark Hours is a prime example of a film that, whether or not you agree with TFS writers William Brownridge and Liam Volke about its “essential” status, deserved to be made available to discerning horror fans all across Canada. Written by  Wil Zmak  and directed by Paul Fox, The Dark Hours was produced through the Canadian Film Centre’s Features programme (then...

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From The Shadows: Overlooked films from the Toronto After Dark Film Festival

2012 marks the seventh annual Toronto After Dark Film Festival, a festival dedicated to bringing the best new horror, sci-fi, action, and cult films to the city. The past six years have showcased some incredible films, but not all of them have become as celebrated as others. They may not be as bloody, or perhaps they’re too bloody. They may not have bigger budgets or feature familiar names. For some reason, the films on this list, one for each year of TADFF, don’t seem to come up in discussion as often as other films. Genre fans will certainly recognize...

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TFS Essentials: the understated horror of Pontypool

As a rabid fan of the horror genre, I can honestly say that there is nothing more satisfying than when someone gets it right. You see, horror comes in many flavours from slasher flicks with lots of blood to tense thrillers with lots of jump scares to terrifying supernatural events to flesh rending zombies. As with any genre, there are good examples and bad examples, but horror is unique in its ability to use its medium to make a point; to truly send home a message. Where a drama will deliver its message set against the circumstances of real...

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TFS Filmmaker of the Month: Brandon Cronenberg

As cold and flu season rears its ugly head, it’s natural that most people do whatever they can to avoid getting bedridden by a nasty virus. But what if you caught an illness from your favourite celebrity? Would you be so quick to start shotgunning Vitamin C or would you let it linger for a bit, allowing yourself to feel that much closer to a person you otherwise admire from afar? This is the question posed by Brandon Cronenberg in his debut feature film, Antiviral , which hits theatres on Friday. In the world depicted in the film, the...

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Out of The Black Museum: an interview with Paul Corupe

Ever wanted to take a class on horror films? Here’s your chance, Toronto. Some profs and scholars might scoff at the very idea; but not writers Paul Corupe and Andrea Subissati, the curators of The Black Museum: Lurid Lectures for the Morbidly Curious , a series of intimate and informal lectures and screenings on the horror film genre. I recently got the chance to sit down with Paul and enjoyed picking his delicious brain about horror, and where us Canucks fit into it. The Black Museum, Corupe tells me, “is a chance for people who are interested in horror...

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